2014 Ford F-150 Questions

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Engine light stays on
I have a 2014 f150 with 235/75/17 rims and tires, I would like to change to 265/60/18 rims and tires. The conversation tables say they are very close and will be fine with little to no speedometer changes need. Am I missing anything? Pros & Con?
No starter engaging, dash lights and radio working fine, don't even own a trailer.
Drove to work one morning blowing just fine then when I got ready to go home, nothing. Lights on control come on, but no air.
Checked fuses but nothing blown there.
How long have you had this problem? 3 days
I have a dandy backup camera but at night can't see anything with the tiny factory bup lights. Added some under bumper LED lights and tapped the wires coming out of the left hand tail light back up lights. Everything works fine as long as the engine is not running. Put it in Rev with the key on and all lights light up. Start the engine and put in Rev and no lights? What the What???
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