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can,t make phone call people cant heare me. it just keeps telling to give command but dosenot respond after a few times then goes off .I have already done master reset.
Wrench light came on. Truck went into limp mode. Wouldn't shift. Sluggish to move when stopped.
Wrench light came on. Sent in like lump mode. Turned truck off then it seemed fine. Got a code off it which was p0720. Is this something I should worry about?
This problem has happen four times and when it goes off the screen will show the time and the date when truck was made.
I had just replaced shocks and sway bar links and the body roll is still terrible
feature stopped working after battery change
occasionally i hear a grinding noise coming from the left front tire. sometimes it occurs when i bake and other times it occurs when i make a right turn or when i drive at slow speeds. what do you think it may be. is it a serious problem and is it expensive to repair. my truck is 4 wheel drive.
The truck will start but it's acting like it's not getting enough fuel. And it dies unless you keep your foot on the gas. I am also getting 02 censors code not sure where to start
I just bought a 2013 f150. The truck was t-boned on the drivers side. The truck does not have the Keyless pad on the door to open it. The drivers door I did buy to replace the damaged door does have it. Is it possible to hook this up? I have that on my Explorer, and really like it.
Could this be something with the Eco-boost
Ford recommends replacing head.Anyone having or had this problem. Only 64000,00 miles.
on my 2013 F150 I am having an issue that the technicians cannot figure out. I have great heat when my heat dial is all the way up (to the left) but as soon as I dial it down at all the temperature isn't being regulated and the air is luke warm instead of gradually cooler. The technicians cannot duplicate the issue and assure me the blend door is functioning properly, the only suggestion they have is that possible condensation on the heater core or evaporator core is causing a freeze up. Is there a way to rid this condensation or suggestions for a fix.
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