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I disconnected the battery cable on my 2012 ford f150. reconnected the cable and now I donot have radio or backup asistest on my screen. everything is working. this happened once before. in your apinioun whats wrong?
at what mileage do i need to have the axel serviced.
2012 f150
How do I get my key to turn
When the temp guages gets almost to normal temp then kicks on loud ass fans under the hood. Temp gauge gets to almost on Hot when I push it 1500 to 2k rpms but doesnt get to over heating point . gradually stays in 75% aka between straight up and down to hot. Replaced water pump and thermostat already . no leaks coolant stays at normal range . ive tried burping it many times .
My truck was having trouble starting after a fill up. I changed out the purge valve,and it fixed the issue for 2-3 month, but my truck would only take 21 gals, in a 26gal tank. Now it is having a problems starting again, if I put more than half a tank of gas in it. This is the only time it has issues, after a fill up. Any idea on what the next thing I look at should be?
When I hit 60 kph preciously, I get a high pitched howl from under the dash which quits under 60. Outside temperature is -22. Any idea what this could be?

Thanks, Wayne
The rear end or pumpkin is making a very loud grinding and banging noise when it is put into gear.
What is happening or going wrong when notice comes on, " check fuel fill inlet' ?
2012 f150 5.0l

Battery light came on when driving. Turned the truck off, it would turn over but no crank. Tested battery, battery is new and is fine. Truck would not start with a jump. Checked all fuses and they were fine. I sprayed a squirt of starting fluid into the throttle body and got it to start and run for an hour and a half until i turned it off. After turning it off it went back to turning over with no crank.

took off and replaced the fuel pump control module. Truck still wont turn over.

Took off the fuel line to the fuel rails. When trying to start the truck no fuel is coming out.

Bought a new fuel pump but haven't installed it because the fact that the battery light came on is throwing me for a loop. Any suggestions?
I recently bought new tires and went to my local ford dealer to have them mounted and balanced. And an alignment done because the outside of my front passenger tire was wore badly and it was pulling to the right slightly. The dealership called me to the shop to show me that the front passenger side brake calipers were locked. And had been for a while. Causing detrimental damage to the rotor. The repair costs upwards of $1000. The truck is a 2012 but only drives long distances of 3 hours or so back and fourth to work. And only has 48,800 miles. My question is why did it lock up. And is there a recall on the brakes
working can you help me lights was working
Problem has been ever since I bought the vehicle used, 1 owner about 3 months ago. The interior curtious dome lights will not come on when I open the doors, I've read the manual front to back, took it up to the dealership after checking any and all fuses related to the interior lights. The rocker shit h located on the left hand side of the steering column and this switch dims the dash lights and supposedly holding it down to the right for a moment will turn the curtious lights on, which I've tried numerous times. Decided to take it up to the local dealership service department and they tried to pull any codes if there was any and none were found, next they checked the "police mode which disables the lights completely, the service guy told me if there was a switch that had gone bad weather it was a door switch, rocker switch anything it would pulled up. I AM AT A TOTAL LOSS... it bugs the heck out of me having to turn the lights on every time to get me child in and out of his car seat. All the dome lights turn on when I push them in but will not shut off if I close the doors... someone, anyone.. PLEASE HELP, much will be appreciated. Hate to rack up a big service bill for something I could take care of. Thanks again!!!
My drivers side and passenger windows won't go down neither will my sun roof but my back right and back left windows go down ??
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