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I need to do a cylinder head replacement they tell me the motor must be removed to do this operation,is this true?
When I turn the temperature control knob to coldest setting, a loud tapping noise starts in the dashboard behind the knob. Any ideas what might cause this noise?
I need to replace the O2 sensor in my truck. I need a location for the sensor
I have had an issue with my 2011 F150 5.0. The issue is lack of power under acceleration between 2/3/4 gear in the 2500 - 3200 RPM. It usually is only present when starting from a stop but does present itself when down shifting to accelerate. I took it to a dealer and their dealer's fix action was to replace a connector at the VCT solenoid showing fault (ye/sy-6r). This was after they had to make a hotline case. I am guessing that this maintenance was done on the drivers side because they removed the valve cover to check for sludge. If so where is this solenoid located? They made sure that all the TSBs have been performed such as tsb 13-03-21, replaced the lead frame and various other components with no change. I have a feeling that this VCT that they replaced the connector on may be at fault again and I will need to replace.

I need to know where the VCT is and how I go about replacing the connector or checking the vct.

Also the truck has 85,000 miles
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when the engine is at operating temp
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Husband is searching for an F160. Our mechanic has told him he needs a V8 because on the V6 the cab would have to be removed for repairs. So... we are trying to find out if this is true before we by something that would be costly to repair in the future. We are searching for a 2011 thru current due to the engine... Thank you.
The power/signal lights and puddle lights all work. These mirrors also are heated. My climate control does not have the rear window defrost button which I am told powers the rear window defrost as well as the heat to the mirrors. How and what would I have to do to get power to heat the mirrors. How do I know if by changing the climate control to on that has the rear defrost button if it will power the mirror heat or not?
blower under hood will stay on for 5 seconds after engine is shut off as well.
It only happens when i accelerate and it don shifts. Alot of jumping. Not sure if its the engine or transmission
Front signal lights work!
I was trying to mount train horns on my truck and accidentally drilled a hole in my AC condenser
it use to be intermittent problem but now it is permanent! any help out there??
I took my truck to local dealer it was acting weird. They said that the battery and battery cable the positive one needed replacing the estimate was almost 800 dollars is this even close to being correct
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