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Recently had my truck worked on, to get an oil change and they did something to the truck. My windows wont go down, nor doors wont lock and keeps saying door is adjared. I have checked the fuses and they were good.
2010 F150 - multi system errors. the only thing on the dash that is working is the clock and gauges. Lights, turn signals, radio, heater, air, and blower not working. TMS and traction control errors flashing. Truck will start but is delayed. Could this be the ECM, and how can I check to see if this is the issue?
Only thing working on dash is clock and gauges everything else is out: radio, turn signals, heater, blower, air, plus TMS and traction control errors. Truck will start but is delayed. Could this be the ECM?
any idea's how I can get them open to fix them?
Had a code showing needing to replace oxygen sensor when we took it to the shop they told us the computer needed to be reprogrammed would like an idea of what that will cost. Issue we are having loss of power, hesitation engine light on some of the time. If driving and maintaining steady speed not so much an issue but taking off, if you have to pass, etc it bucks and jumps like it is on it's last leg
I’m wanting to replace the filter/s for my heated and cooled seats in a 2010 f-150. Wonder how to do that?
it seems like it happens more often when the weather is warmer
When I start the truck in the morning my middle vent is putting out low 60 deg. air and as the day temp. heats up to the eighties and nineties the air from the center vent wont get below low 70's unless outside temp drops down. What do you think the problem could be? My ride is a 2010 F150 crew cab.Lariat. The compressor seems to be ok and the freon pressure checked out to factory specs. I was told the air felt a little damp coming out of the vents but the condensation appears to be draining out ok. Do you think that this will be an moderate cost to correct?
It happened that it was running, suddenly ac stops working, and all instruments and lights of dashboard, y tap on the db. And everything resume but when I parked the truck didn't starts I'm assuming that's it's a electric problem but I don't know what to do
And for how long?
Maybe drive shaft?
It does not turn on
The problem has only occurred 4 time over the past month.
Turning the key on does nothing except turning on the lights, radio, etc. After 2 - 10 tries of turning the key off and on, it starts perfectly. Anyone know why this happens?
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