2009 Ford F-150 Questions

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When I turn the headlights on the bottom half of the tachometer doesn't light up. Also the speedometer is a different color (more purple- blue than the normal turquoise color) leading me to believe someone has replaced them in the past. Is it possible to replace individual bulbs? I know my way around a soldering iron if it comes to that.
lost oil pressure & engine is seixed
I need to know the fuse location and number, so I can pull it. In order to disable the abs control module.
truck surges and hesitates when I accelerate
Can't shift out of park have to pump the brake pedal to shift into a gear
They have been rotated approx. every 7000 miles. Good Year Destination
Bottom gasket under thermostat leaks
Have no heat blender stuck won't allow heat into the cab. STANDARD DASH NO EXTRAS
Just had a tune up.
I diagnosed the mount so I took it off and searched for the parts so I called all shops no one has the part so I called dealer and that's a special orderso I installed it back and now I don't know how to price the job
Want to tap it to install a gauge on the dash. This is a -3 Eng.
I pushed the pedal ajust rocker switch and nothing moved
This is a Ford F150 with two wheel drive. When applying brakes a slight clunk is heard. If released slightly, there is a chattering as if the brakes are not working right. Also hear the noise when driving at low speeds and no braking applied. The truck is lightly used. Does the two wheel drive version have an IWE solenoid? I read about the many problems that 4 wheel drive F150s have with the IWE Solenoid but I don't believe that the 2 wheel drive version has one.
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