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2008 f150 will sometimes make vibration sounds and shake ( transmission , dive line?) when stopped while connected to a trailer. Trailer does lower the rear of the truck by about 2 inches when on the hitch. The sounds and vibration do not occur while driving only after I have stopped the truck. I can put the truck in park and turn off the engine a start it up again and the sound and vibration goes away.
Its been miss firing. And today it smelled like burning plastic and gauges are dead
vehicle came in for rough running, found that it had an extreme amount of extra oil in it. we changed the oil and filter and had misfire on cylinder #3 changed ignition coil and spark plug. customer took vehicle and after a couple of days brought it back for the misfire and low oil pressure.on start up vehicle makes a rapping noise then low oil pressure and misfire on cylinder #3
Just started, but I did add some transmission fluid and drove it. Still no reverse
Truck was shut off and has no spark. Tried starting fluid, looked at crank sensor. Good magnet. New coil pack.
I need to have a very reliable vehicle, I'm disabled so very important as I go on logging roads often.
I have regular oil taking it in tomorrow for winterizing, other than that, transmission check, brakes, ball joints?

I t is very important for me to have a reliable vehicle.
Ball joints?

Any help would be very helpful! And appreciated!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Prevention maintenance
Works great half the time. Turn engine on and fan works half the time. Other times it does not run. Any thought?
I have a check engine light that will not clear after replacing O2 sensors due to a P0172/0175 code. The readiness monitors will not reset.
When running at 30mph then let off gas the truck shakes and makes a loud rattle. I have an expedition that does same thing but not has bad.
I can not use my heads. 5.4 triton with flex fuel
My Husband was putting a level kit on his dads truck. After he replaced the suspension coils on the front end . It started to make this awful grinding noise. I'm afraid that it will cost a lot of money.
I think it needs a fan clutch but will it also need the wiring harness
It started jerking while driving at speeds of 40 mph.. jerking as in when my husband would take his foot off the accelerator it kind of felt like the back end of the truck was trying to catch up with the front.. then this morning he went to drive it to the mechanics and the check engine light was on and he got a few blocks away heard a noise and the truck died. Please help!!!
Thought my starter was shorting out then check my crank shaft and it turn about a inch then checked my fly wheel and it won't move is that possible ?
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