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My wife was stopped at a light and had to stand on the brake with both feet and still the truck inched forward rear wheels burning rubber in clouds of smoking rubber. Luckily the light changed and she was able to drive home. I have driven it since and have not been able to duplicate the issue. No check engine lights, no code.
I have a F 150 2007 5.4 L, I pull a trailer 21 'must we remove overdrive off or running thank you
Videos show metal clip/pin to release, my seat doesn't have room to put a finger behind seat
So I have a 2007 ford f150 with about 166000 miles on it. I was driving the truck to my friends place and when I was pulling into a parking spot the truck died I only noticed that because when I was pushing the gas nothing was happening I looked at the dash and the only thing that was on was the dash was the check gages on the lcd display. So I turned off the truck and started it back up to finish parking and everything was running fine and all the gage readings were normal and no codes came up. I was at my friends place for about 2 hours when I started my truck back up and the check gages lcd display came back on and beeped for a few seconds then it turned off and the gage readings were normal. The only issue this time was that the truck was idling at 1100 rpms which I know is higher then normal and I was able to drive it home with more issues. Its the first time this has happened I would like to know where to start at to fix the issue before something worse happens. Thanks in advance
Could it be the camshaft phaser or injectors because it's so loud also because I take it on highway and check engine light flashes so went too auto part store got code reader # of codes 1 which is P0304
I think it's the injectors tick but I never have heard it before and loud like 4-5 feet away u can hear it I put a aluminum tube on fuel rail and heard it louder also under neith truck
Our truck will not start in Park (which is normal). I have to start in Neutral. What is the problem?
2007 Ford f150 FX4. Electrical problem with 4x4. Sometimes works sometimes not. Replaced solnoid still nothing. No lights on dash indicating 4x4 or sound of transfer case ingaging. Just for fun I tried it on my way home tonight I could hear the transfer case and had lights on dash...4x4. Sounds electrical. Just moved from California where it only rained. Did not use 4x4 for two years. Moved to Idaho in June and needed 4x4 but got nothing when I flipped switch. Messed with fuses none bad. Checked # 11, 28, and 29, all good. Put fuse panel back together then I had a reading light start working that has been out for about 1 year. It only worked for1 day, now doesn't work again. Does my truck use a GEM module or VSM to work the 4x4 system? Where are they located? Thank you.
I drove my car through a mud puddle and installed and it would not start I also took it to the car Worsch and when I went through the car Worsch halfway through installed and I could not get it restarted
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When it is wet out
How long have you had this problem? Quite a while
So I have several codes that pop up: P0340 P0303 p0344 p0430 P0420 and I have replaced the Camshaft sensor A, a new alternator was replaced. The truck runs fine then it starts to shake and it has a rough idle. So researching these codes, am I looking at replacing the Catalytic Converter both sides, or the Camshafts? How hard would it be to change myself?
back 3-4 mo ago, then it started working and now its like its not even there. if I stall it then it will go into reverse or just put it in different gears sometimes it will go in. 170K , 5 speed
It seems like every time I turn on or change over to AC or the heater, there is a lot of creaking going on. Is this a problem?
I clean this often, but in no time, there is a huge blue pile of corrosion on top of the negative battery terminal. Why?
i.e. the steering wheel wiggles a little bit back and forth, like a strong vibration.
after driving 15 min straight when I come to a stop truck starts making knocking noise and shakes

when in reverse going backwards truck starts to shake

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