2006 Ford F-150 Questions

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I turn on the a/c and I am able to hear and see the compressor start but no air is released at all
when engaging 4 wheel dr switch the dash light says it's engaged, but it isn't
worked fine before. complete shut down no power to anything when key is on
We replaced the egr vavle and the pcm says it is still not working. Was wondering if the new valve needs flashed to the pcm?
I took my 2006 F-150 to have repair on A/C when I got it back radio will not pick up channels why?
Engine started misfiring with big loss of power and a loud popping coming from drivers side of engine. If you kill engine and restart it will run ok for about 30 seconds then start misfiring again
dome light does not come on when opening drivers side door nor does key in ignition warning chime when keys in ignition
and the radio statics on and read out says CD error when turning on the ignition?
runs great after down shift nocheck eng light on
06 F150 V6 automatic transmission temperature sensor location
I am wanting to wire some led footwell lights in thru the fuse that runs the dome light. In the owners manual there they don’t use the word domelight so I am wondering what’s it labeled under and what is the fuse number? Thankyou
loud whinning noise when the truck is running
On and now they say the pcm is out and I need a new computer. Did they do somthing wrong when installing my battery to make my computer skrew up?
Truck's display, gauges went out and truck lost all power. Diagnostic machine said alternator. Took to a local repair shop who said wiring harness needs to be replaced ( including battery cables and a new battery). Cannot rule out alternator but "believes" alternator is good at the power source.
Driving 65 MPh truck shuts off no warning , got towed home ,now It struggles to start, when I tap on the gas it dies, If I hold gas it boggs down and smoke pour out the exhaust did have code for bank 1&2 cam senors , cam over retard ?? Now no Codes
Changed plugs and ignition coils and cleaned throttle body. Runs way better but seems to suck gas bad. Owned since new and never this poor mileage
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