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Pan bolts from middle to rear of pan have oil on them but it doesn’t leak onto drive way. Drove it for about 2 months before the pan started leaking the first time. Motor was built by Promar. I put first pan gasket on and torque to spec. Got a friend that has a shop to put another pan gasket on but it’s leaking too.
It occurs all the time no matter time of day
or fluid. it was mention steering knuckle
Has been at ford dealership to be checked. Many things checked but unsure what problem is. Has there been a recall for like problems?
My transmission won’t drive in first or second but will in reverse but when I put my truck in neutral and rev the motor it causes it to bog
Why won't the key turn? Has worked fine for 10 years. Tried moving the tilt steering, jiggling the shifter, turning key over, nothing works. Key won't turn.
Just repaired transmission, now when I drive it she dies when I turn corners or stop at lights.basically when it’s idling
Got my brakes done in Sept and a month later the front calipers (which weren't replaced ) began locking up. Replaced them. Now in December same thing, apply brakes & steering & vehicle bouncing. Question is are there calipers on the rear or not?

How long have you had this problem? couple months
What seems to make the problem better or worse? NOTHING
How long have you had this problem? FEW WEEKS
The box that displays the digital reading for the odometer is not visible
most of the time it turns over just fine. flywheel? Ignition switch? new starter but still does it. anything else electrical?
no miss fires while monitoring. plugs are new plugs showed sign of excessive fuel.
This truck has over 300k miles on it, however I'm a 15 year old and getting this truck for free from my dad. The car engine broke down not too long ago, but my dads promise is that he will be getting the same engine it came with and brand new tires that it has. Brand brand new. Not used. So with that, would there be anything else that I would have to be worried about? There is a lot of rust on the bottom by the tire and the tire shroud thing. And some small parts in other area. Small parts I'm going to pay out of pocket to fix. The bigger parts of rust.. is probably going to cost too much. The inside of the truck, is all well kept except the driver seat has ripped. And some lights are broken. (Mirror turning light, inside top light) Thanks so much for helping me!
how to change fuel injectors on 2005 F-150 4.6
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