2004 Ford F-150 Questions

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I have a 2004 Ford F150 with a Triton 5.4 3v motor. It needs to be rebuilt or replaced, I am trying to find out how many hours are realistic for a shop to charge for a complete removal and reinstall of the new motor.
I need to know how to reset my timing chain tensioners there brand New and have to redo the whole timing chain process because it's OUTTA time.. and I just wanted to know if the tensioners on my 5.4 3 v engine 2004 are reusable after the PIN has already been pulled.... thanks
Started my truck with remote starter. It started. Came out it was off. Headlights blinking faintly. No power to truck. Anti theft light blinking rapidly when I turn key
it change first 3 gears then goes like no gear at all
115,000 miles. Works fine except for going into neutral (the transmission, not the gearshift, that stays on D) instead of third. Going up a hill it will go into third until the speed gets up then will slip back out. When the speed slows I can press the accelerator and it will go into second. Fluid full.
Heater fan stuck on high, no lights to heater control panel. Cool is hair blows only. Temp select not working. Switching to defrost or feet or center blower doesn't work at all
Thanks so much. F150, 2004, automatic. 4 dr. Has AC
drivers side all four coils dont fire
Had to put in thread repair kit .
Also what are the size of the pipes that the catalytic converter connects to.
it;s in the rear end
one of the codes reads poo21 intake camshaft position timing over advanced (bank2) how to fix problem. The other code reads po340 camshaft position sensor A circuit (bank 1) what needs to be done to fix problem
and engine idles rough
What replacement tool
I have add break fluid so that is not the problem.
It wants to shift down then up, and on the level okay
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