2003 Ford F-150 Questions

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My truck revs when I'm idle and randomly won't accelerate sometimes
The low & medium fan stop working & the AC sometime wld stop working or wld slowly start with faint strength ..
2003 Ford F-150 Crew cab 5.4L Headlights stopped working replaced the combo switch worked for a little and now does not. I can get headlights to work on High Beam ONLY when I manually hold(PULL) the switch back. Running lights are always on but no Headlights. Any help would be appreciated :)
How long have you had this problem? Months
Set still it comes out the vent but driving down road it comes out the defrost.
Especially noticeable on the freeway. Truck drives normally until you lift your foot off the accelerator to slow down (like in traffic). When you accelerate again, you can feel the truck missing or slightly hesitating.
I check Freon that's good. I have the A/C heater auto climate control unit.
I am not sure if I am posting in correct place. My husband has a 2003 Ford F-150 with a 4.6 L V8 that has many problems. 1. The Service Engine light comes on. 2. The engine starts missing. 3. The Temperature Gauge goes to hot. 4. Oil light comes on. 5. He put a tester on it and it reads that the #1 Cylinder Misfire Code comes up.
What he has repaired so far: 1. Replaced the PCM. 2. Replaced all plugs & all coils. 3. Checked all fuses.
It is still doing this. What is causing this problem?
had alternator repaired and replaced-factory unit
I got an engine code 302 and pulled the coil and plug and there is oil all over it
I replaced everything from fuse, relay, fan speed switch, resistor, blower motor, still not working, what's next please!!
Above the windshield before the sunglasses compartment is a button that says select and a window. This does not light up. Owners manual says it displays outside temp and compass direction
It already has a new master cylinder and the brakes were just bled
Washer also doesn't work. What else could be wrong?
Need to know the spark plug gap using autolite 5144 copper plugs
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