2002 Ford F-150 Questions

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I need to get a new set of rear axle bump stops, according to the Ford website, the ones for my truck are no longer available.
I have a 2002 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson super charged crew cab pickup truck and it has a airlift air control system installed on it, the Ford dealership did some work for me, and when they did it, they didn’t plug my compressor back in at the dash board, so it wrecked my air bags. I asked if they could hook up the wiring and then install new air bags, that I would supply, and they said they don’t do that kind of stuff. I did remind them that it only needs to be done, because they didn’t plug the wiring back in when they did the replacement of the computer under the steering column of my truck, they still said that they don’t do that kind of stuff and they won’t do anything. So, now I have the new shocks, air bags and now I need to find what bump stops that I need for my truck. I have tried several times to find some, but it has been difficult, as it would seem that no one carries the bump stops for my truck anymore. Can you please help out?
I recently had the fuel pump relay replaced after the pickup died. The pickup continued to shut off on its own since (three separate times) but would restart immediately. Now it will not start at all, and I have a ticking sound coming from the area of the fuse box when the key is not in the ignition. Additionally, the ticking sound stops when I turn the ignition on or apply the breaks.
can i put IRIDIUM FUSION SPARK PLUG in my 2002 ford -150 4.2
driving along started violent jerking to the left really quick then normal. about 1 mile later came to a hard stop, turned into a vacant lot and could tell the left front brakes had locked and wouldnt release. Then ABS light came on,
After putting the truck in drive when hitting the accelerator you feel vibration in the rear of the truck until you get the truck up to speed and it does it every timw you have to stop and go. We are also having problems with our 4 wheel drive when engaging it you cant go faster than 10 mph and when disengaging the 4 wheel drive the truck makes an awful noise coming for the front center of the truck and the truck will not allow you to go faster until it kicks its self out then the truck drives normal other than the rear vibration.
Can hear air blowing when truck hits 50 mph. Noise is coming from the back seat. ( extended cab).
The last owner has by passed something in the heater system but I can't figure it out without a picture of what the system is supposed to look like.
Heater not working.
That's all I touched was the radio
More frequent when AC is on, not as bad at higher speed, idles ok
1st time it was running fine check the rest of fuses related to the air cond and they're ok
Can i tow 4 wheels down with this vehicle? It is a manual transmission. So if it is in nuetral will it be a problem?
a/c does not blow out center vents
I really cant aford to replace cat what else could it be to pass smog test and reset check eng. Light
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