2002 Ford F-150 Questions

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That's all I touched was the radio
More frequent when AC is on, not as bad at higher speed, idles ok
1st time it was running fine check the rest of fuses related to the air cond and they're ok
Can i tow 4 wheels down with this vehicle? It is a manual transmission. So if it is in nuetral will it be a problem?
a/c does not blow out center vents
I really cant aford to replace cat what else could it be to pass smog test and reset check eng. Light
I was wanting to know if it could be something besides cay
bought a motor. It had to be removed from wrecked F150 truck.
Does this at stop lights or at idle. After sitting for minutes or hours, It will restart and run fine. 5.4L Triton engine. Shop reports no engine codes.
Where is the starter located on my f150 ford truck
What is the best way to to get at and remove the number 7 spark plug on a 2002 F-150 with a 5.4? Do I have to remove the fuel rail to get at the cop and the plug? Is there any tools I need to make or modify?
truck starts but dies when i put it in gear
Like it not running on all cylinders,some one said could be Map senor
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