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I've replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, battery starter, crank sensor, 2 PCM, engine wiring harness with fuse and relay box all in one, it will fire when spray starting fluid in the throttle body and it will try to start and if put enough it start for a second. It's spark and compression but the injectors are not working I put noid lights on and the lights never flash I have purchased two cam sensors and not replaced them yet because it's showing an electric pulse so it just want start anyone know anything about it.

The PCM twice and the fuel pump and fuel filter and crankshaft sensor the engine wiring harness with fuse and relay box. Starter and battery alternator and. But it's been sitting for over a year the steering column antenna for the PATS security system. And it will try to start if you spray starting fluid in the throttle body. I got 2 camshaft sensors. I haven't put on yet. It's firing and compression but I think the fuel injectors are not firing. I need help I'm just doing the shade tree mechanic I've been just replaced piece after piece and the locksmith has been out 3 times.

Hi there, I am a novice, I had trouble with my truck. It turned out to be the PCM. I had it replaced at an auto shop. They said that the PCM was flashed to my VIN, (whatever that entails) The problem now, it thinks it is being stolen. The only reason I know this is due to forums and advice from other mechanics online. I went to pick up my truck and it was fine, Until I drove home for the day and activated the alarm. I turned on the alarm with my key fob. Went back out, no start. the anti theft light is flashing rapidly..... the mechanics say there is nothing more that they can do. Or should I say they are refusing to help. They say I need to take to ford dealer. Considering I just spent two paychecks on the replacement of the PCM, I am broken hearted that they have taken advantage of me. I can only start my truck if I never ever use the alarm/ the fob (which is brand new because I thought it was the issue) or the keyless entry. Once any of those are used the truck thinks it is being stolen. That anti theft light starts flashing rapidly and it kills the start. I am asking What I should ask for? I can not afford to be bled to death of money, that I quite frankly do not have.
I can get it to start again by taking the negative off the battery and waiting for 10 minutes. Reattaching it, and it starts and runs soundly.

Please advise
Do I need to replace egnition? Would that circumvent the problem or introduce even more.
Do I need new keys? (I replaced the fob and had it done by a lock smith that deals with these things) Please keep in mind that I am a little older and had back surgery and I am limited. Takes me a while but I get it done. I am going to have to try to do it myself.

Truck needed a new computer so mechanic put in a used one and couldn't program it/re-key it(?). So it set in his yard while he tried to find someone to re-key it. During this time, mice ate any wiring they could. Mechanic never found someone to re-key truck and couldnt get truck started to make sure new (old) computer is working. Had it towed to a dealership. Was told it would cost more to re-wire it then its worth. It's now sitting in my front yard. Could I rewire it myself? I'm not a mechanic, have never worked on vehicles but just wondering... how much would re-wiring it cost? (If I could find anyone to do it!) Thanks for any advice or help

ses light is on and I changed MAF sensor about a year ago

This problem didn't exist until I replaced the timing chain, when it feels like I hit the brake the engine continues to run fine

There has been a loud rattling noise for awhile now, very odd sounding. A buddy told me it was the heat shield rattling around and to just remove it. Not positive he's right but if he is, is there any reason I couldn't just remove it? At least until I can replace it.

relay #2 is making a clicking sound i press the brake the sound stops 'but it still won't start

I need exhaust system for our trucj

occurs when truck warms up

Truck stalls but after I wait a while it starts back up

Rain leaks and drips into heat duct and runs down on fuse box , this blows the circuit board !

When the temperature outside get 85 or above my truck will suddenly lose power then buck forward while driving. It will rev then buck forward when sitting in traffic. It is not throwing any codes. Fuel pump and filter have been changed.

Had the get replaced wad told to drive it 20 miles. When I took it back was told an additional 50 miles was needed. Took it back wad told still needed to drive it more.

What's the purpose of the EGR my trucks idle is kind of weird I have codes p1401 , p0171, and p0174. Won't go past 45