2000 Ford F-150 Questions

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P0174,runs rough, looses power, but not always

no codes? ########

Car was running great, put in park, left running, when I went to move forward, nothing, Trans serviced 2 mo ago, fluid and filter, all looked good. If I rev the engine it will move about 2 feet. Any thoughts, suggestions??

I have tried flushing out my heater core by flushing it out using the outlet hose.

Then I was going to try changing out the blend door using a kit and cutting through the heater box with a dremel tool. I was able to cut around the heater box only to notice that the blend door is working fine.

I have also checked the temperature and it heats up properly. What else should I check before I change my heater core.

when brake pedal is released the ABS light comes on

put my heater on and it blow hot then cold

it just started its been fine. I replaced to started an alternator couple months ago

it just started its been running fine I replace starter an alternater about 3 months ago

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

Had a 1405 code replaced, (DFPE Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor upstream hose off or plugged! ) Then a po301 appeared and replaced plugs . Crank and ran rough added TECHRON CONCETRATED PLUS Injector cleaner on the way home codes po300 & po308 came up. what now EGR or fuel injectors clogged? Runs a little rough but when you speeding no hesitation. Rough when cranking and starting off.

then when i shut the engine off and start it back the pressure goes back up after a few miles it drops again

im getting a code a code p1518 on my 2000 ford f- 150 4.2 six cylinder. whats the easiest or best way to fix this so i can smog test i know its the imrc bushings and or actuator i cant get to it is there any solution