2000 Ford F-150 Questions

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During driving situations the steering is loose in controlling the vehicle. There is a lot of play between the left and right . expedition not F1 50
I had my transmission rebuilt (the truck was sitting for about 1.5 yrs) Transmission works in all gears 4 wheel drive works but when I attempt to accelorate the truck seems to lose electrical power I let off the gas the truck starts running again 26mph and it stays running push the gas to over 26mph truck dies
Fuse box location for cigarette lighter
my problem is that my 2000 f-150 truck feels like its floating off the road at 30+mph (had all new tires- upper/lower tie rods -ball joints (2) front end alignments. had tires balanced 2 times) its been in two shops both are stumped to what the problem is. have not been able to use truck in 3 months!! can you please (HELP ME) PLEASE!!! hawkeye
The fan motor would stop turning on when the switch was turned up on starting. Got worse, started about a month ago, taking longer and longer each time to kick in and blow. Now not working. Had the same problem with a 99 exploder, ended up rewiring and don't want to do that if possible. Thanks in advance
P0174,runs rough, looses power, but not always

no codes? ########
Car was running great, put in park, left running, when I went to move forward, nothing, Trans serviced 2 mo ago, fluid and filter, all looked good. If I rev the engine it will move about 2 feet. Any thoughts, suggestions??
I have tried flushing out my heater core by flushing it out using the outlet hose.

Then I was going to try changing out the blend door using a kit and cutting through the heater box with a dremel tool. I was able to cut around the heater box only to notice that the blend door is working fine.

I have also checked the temperature and it heats up properly. What else should I check before I change my heater core.
when brake pedal is released the ABS light comes on
put my heater on and it blow hot then cold
it just started its been fine. I replaced to started an alternator couple months ago
it just started its been running fine I replace starter an alternater about 3 months ago
My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve
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