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gear shifter seems loose and mushy, sometimes hard shift to proper gear (esp. ovd-4th) . Clutch seems fine. I have not seen any oil under truck on ground where i park, oil is on bottom of trans and trans fluid is ok.. I have had a small rear d.f. leak for years with no problem.
Will a 1997 Ford F150 4 wheel drive transmission fit my 99 F150 4-wheel drive 4.6 motor
My engine light stays on.
The #s off tag on original trans, pkf 129848. 41 W. The replacement #s, pkf-ce1 051056. 62 W. Top of bellhousing on old 72. On replacement 74. Help
Grinds about every fifth time I try to start it. Used to grind once, now it's doing it 2-3 times. Then starts.
Can't get to one the bolts
It doesn't shift gears when driving
Changed plug wires,fuel filter,
Doesn't Rev up when hitting the gas it just rolls and doesn't want to go. Could it be trash in the tank? Or maybe the fuel filter? Or maybe even the fuel pump?
Does run a little rough. Do I focus more on gas area in the engine or something else
I think my mechanic is pulling my leg when he says there are three possibilities.
He is using the truck and if I get it fixed he will not get to use it.
I've either replaced or changed around parts. I've put a meter on everthing and everything seems to be working. However, I'm still only getting a misfire code in #2. I don't know What else to do. There is no spark. I've even changef the fuel injectors around. I need some help. Now my truck has no power unless I the pedal to the floor until it changes gear then it keeps going back and forth.
I have a 99 4.6 8 cyl. ford F150 truck, the starter runs even after you start it and still runs after you turn the truck off. I have changed the starter, top solenoid. What else should we check.
Should I replace crankshaft sensor
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