1997 Ford F-150 Questions

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My crankbolt threads are now screwed up due to my crankbolt snapping and breaking my harmonic balancer for the third time in two years. What should I to prevent again and how should I go about fixing it as well?
i have a 1997 ford F 150, i change all brake pads, wheel cylinders, calipers, master cylinder, booster pump. completly bled the entire system. the problem now is the when i depress the brake pedal and as it reaches near bottom there is a bang sound that can be felt in the pedal and the pedal also travels another short distance, about a 1/4 inch maybe. i have had 3 mechanics look into this and cannot resolve the issue. biggest problem is that this is the wife's truck and all hell is braking loose if you know what i mean
I have good oil pressure but pulling a boat it drops when I come to a stop it will even have light come on change oil pump
When i turn the key on i have power to the coilpack but when power is put to the starter and engine turns over there is no power to coils
harness. I need to run/control the engine/trany only. What do I need to do so?
Trouble with rpm sticking. If I take off slow its runs great. If I have to push pedal fast or hard the rooms get stuck very high. And than trans won't shift. I have to let engine cool than all is good again help please
My question is,will this catalytic converter leak cause the engine to knock/click? There is no codes,and the truck runs fairly good,thank you in advance.
Where is the hose heater core control valve location
need to know if a 197 ford 4.6 came out with a one roll radiator
The vehicle was hard to start this morning. Engine turned over fine just did not fire up right away. once running both the fuel light and oil light stayed on. This truck has the v-6 engine.
do i need to drop the the front differental and how do i do that which bolts tdo i pull to have it drop down without removing to much other stuff
They CV look different, old one is copper tip, newer one is ceramic tip. Also little tabs on wiring connector don't line up, need to cut off tips to slide in?
Fog up the windshield like it does if the heater core went out. I changed out the thermostat but it is still blowing cold air and the temperature gage doesnt move but a little bit. Its beencold here thinning between 5°f & 25°f.
Is it the climate control module or the heater blender door actuator?
when I switch to 4x4 the light stays on and will not switch back to 2 wheel drive
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