1995 Ford F-150 Questions

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I have change the tps switch and the speed sensor in the deff have check the fuses in fuse box #8
smog inspection
Wanting to know where the fuel tank is located won’t switch from tank to tank
My fordwindstar is flooding the engine with too much gas
AC always cold just stops coming out of vent moves to defrost only when driving
I'm want to know if the transmission
tube from a 1989 F150 2 wheel drive will work in my 1995 F150 4 when drive
load..try and start the truck again and it starts and runs fine until you start back down the street...go a little ways and there it does it again... now i have checked the fuel pump and cleaned the gas tank, put new soark plugs and distributer and rotor but getting same results..also tryed to clean the intake the best i could with throttel body cleaner...
seems to happen when accelerating. at first thought it was a problem but now not sure. last occurrence had a load in box, accelerating uphill at about 60 mph
i replaced the belt and the tension wheel it is still making the noise. the noise is coming from around the alternator and smog pump area. could it be a bearing going out on one of them. how do i determine which one it is
Occurs when first cranked after sitting. After it's in gear, it pulses, vibrates. At takeoff, it sputters like there's a blockage of fuel to the engine. After some warm-up, it's a bit better. Hopefully, just a fuel filter? Some say a vacuum leak? I added fuel injector cleaner, no change. HELP!
I took the rear tank off to replace and started the truck to move it and fuel shot out the rear line even though I am using the front tank and pump. Is this normal.
I have changed it out 3 times in less than a year..also put in a new computer.
It has two fuel tanks. The rear one works but when I flip to the front tank it sputters and dies. Any help or advice? Thanks
I also think a tune-up would help it run better. I've put around 2,000 miles on it since getting it. Like for it to have a little more get up and go.
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