1994 Ford F-150 Questions

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Can I utilize that of another vehicle if it's similar year and make?
Airbag light on horn works no cruise.
Question#2 the oil gauge is running high but whencheck oil it's full
Why are we loosing power but using more gas?? Any suggestions
bothe are push button overdrive
It wants to slip into neutral,it won't shift
It said something about when it gets wet truck looses power because injectors short out. Is this true and besides harness change.what else can be done.
Started a week ago, had to turn key 2 or 3 times before it connected, now it won't start at all. I can hear a clicking in the engine but can't isolate.
About a year ago the ABS light came on, so I changed it with a autozone new ABS/speed sensor. It worked for a few months then I noticed the speedometer going crazy and it would down shift and all kinds of crazy stuff, so I took it back and got another one needless to say they either didn't fix it , so I went to Oriely's and I got one from them and it started speedometer going nuts again, so I bought the more expensive one, the best one they make, it doing better but it still does it and it doesn't do it all the time but i can't go far afraid of getting stuck, are the ones from dealer better or is there something else going on I was reading my Haynes book and it talks about the speed sensor Ring might be messed up.... I just bought a new instrument cluster but haven't put it in yet, does anyone have any ideas please, I have had the truck for 3 years and never did it until about a year or so, could the rearend grease need changed or is that not likely, I would like any ideas... Thank you
I then put brake fluid in the clutch reservoir and proceeded to bleed the clutch. I then noticed that the fluids was running out of the transmission housing. Could you help?
Codes showed 118, 113, 337, 126, 123: Have chgd the map sensor, throttle tpsensor, coolant temp sensor, Egr vacuum sensor, O2 sensor and the computer. Still shows all same codes and still idles rich. Help
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