1992 Ford F-150 Questions

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Transfer case don't engage what could it be
It's been sitting for about six months. I'm no mechanic
I hear clicking in the rear driver side under the hood. It's a 92 Ford f150 if I leave battery connected it is drained by morning
I found 2 tracking devices on my computer .i I have an idea who did it but I can't prove it. I was told these people may have put a secondary kill switch on the truck that would activate if their computer was removed. It ran perfect until I replaced the computer .Please help
Truck had tons of work done in the summer all new parts now it just cranks without turning over
The knob on the end of the shifter is broken and the wires are broke off evenly so I need a quick solution to keep it on until I can get a new shifter...can I just connect the hots or something for now?
I have a 1992 f150 v8 and the transmission sometimes shifts very hard or bangs 1st and 2nd gear any ideas welcome thank you cardman
when convert a/c from a12 to r134 do the oil and reon amounts stay the same
I'm attempting to diagnose a loose steering issue and I'm not finding any play, my wife drives a 97 and while I know they are way different her wheel only turns just over 1.5 times and mine is turning almost 2.5 times. Is this normal or do I have a issue?
Just to changed spark plugs, transmission cooler
Want to buy a Ford F-150 and want to know if there are any known issues.
Got front end on kickstands and can turn the wheels with no effort. Fluid in reservoir is as clean as the day I put it in.
Truck just shut down
Then it starts it just make click noise changed cylinder switch still doing same thing
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