1991 Ford F-150 Questions

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Defrost works but won't switch to floor heat
It's getting fire with switch on to coil about 12.25 volts still no sparks with brand new distributor and coil wore and spark plugs?
my actuator rod broke first i replaced it truck would not start then i put a new ignition switch still want start check coil no fire
I believe its my starter
I just had to replace the bearings on my passenger front about 2 months ago, and it's starting to get bad again. What can I check to make sure that they'll last longer? My drivers side front bearings are still perfect.
My seat in the back folds down flat. It squeaks like mad when it's up in the full seat position. I rarely put it down, almost never. When someone sits back there it doesn't squeak. It's driving me mad!
I have a replacement gas tank that we're taking off of a parts truck, and it has residue in it. How do I remove said residue without harming the new gas that will be put into it or the tank itself?
!991 5.0 f-150 2wd.Truck will start but only run for a minute or so,when I try to start again I can't hear fuel pump pressureise line.After 10 mins.or so turn the key hear fuel pump and it will start then die.It has dual tanks,also rear tank will overflow front tank,Ive replaced fuel filter,pump relay
Cranks with ether but idled ruff n slow til temp comes up then it's fine. Once it cools off same process required again
After driving it it will not crank up until cold and now having problems cranking at all
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