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1984 ford f150 302 5.0 liter engine keeps turning over will not start. Gas is not getting to the carburetor. I have replaced the fuel pump and the starter also replace the ignition coil and solenoid switch. Any advice would be appreciated.
Front end wobbles through steering wheel.
What is the best way to install a fuel pump on a 1984 ford f-150 pickup truck 302-5.0 liter engine? Last time I installed the fuel pump it was 6 yrs. ago. I forgot what part did I needed to remove first if any and whether I removed the fuel pump from underneath the truck or from under the hood. thanks. Tried you tube videos but not help for truck that old.
How much does it cost to have valve stem seals replaced on 300 six cylinder ford
It would turn over fine just would not fire.
My husband just got a 1989 Ford F-150 it only has 30,000 miles on it. It starts right up. The only problem is it sounds like when you go to put it in gear somehow something could be not connecting. It's also a 4X4 if that helps.
It happens every time it is ran, it is a 302 fuel injected model
I have a 1990 Ford f150 4.9L. It doesn't wanna start,then when it does it burns rich. Replaced plugs, wires, distributor cap an rotor button as well as map sensor. Nothing has worked. Same problems. Blows black smoke an has a miss. Can someone give me a solution please.
when I start my 85 ford truck at anytime is shuts off but it start back up I put it in drive or reverse it shuts off coming to a stop sign it shuts off. But it always start back up.
Hi, I have a 1990 Ford F-150 and I have a question about Air Conditioning. I was driving home and the A/C was blowing cold (recently filled it up). Once I got home I went to turn off my truck and the ignition actuator was stuck so twisted the steering wheel and shook it a little bit and with some force I turned the truck off. When I did that I saw a small puff of smoke come from my steering column area and my A/C shut off. I checked the heater/ A/c fuse and it looked fine. I was guessing maybe I shorted a wire or something like that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Advance auto checked my alternator and battery. Told that alternator was bad so I purchased a new alternator. my battery then went dead so I purchased a new battery. When I went back to have the new alternator and battery checked I was told the new alternator was not charging the battery and that it could be an electrical problem. I changed the solenoid switch, voltage regulator and replaced the alternator again. Same problem alternator not charing the battery. I did noticed that the switch to starter cable had a melted burnt spot on it where the cable fits into it. Could this be my problem. Vehicle is 1984 Ford f-150 pickup 302 5.0 liter engine. Please help?
My truck runs great!that is once you get it started!I've replaced the fuel filter,air filter,plugs,wires and ignition coil,but that has'nt sovled the problem.Someone told me it might be the TFI module?anyone ever had this problem?
acts like it's not getting fuel?Changed fuel filter,air filter,plugs,wires,distributor cap,ignition coil and it still won't crank?Runs great once you get it started!Can't understand what the problem could be!!
It also stalls occasionally when idling. Is it likely the crankshaft position sensor or might it be something else?

I've recently had the ignition and carb serviced.

1984 ford f150 302 - 5.0 liter engine. Please tell me how to replace the distributor cap adapter. I"ve changed the distributor cap and rotor button before. Is this task just as simple? Is there a you tube link someone can send me please? thanks..
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