2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

Unanswered 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

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Everything is locked up
My gauge cluster turns off and on by itself. Sometimes I have no power in my power windows radio sunroof. And then all of a sudden they'll turn on as I'm driving down the road.then if I hit a bump they will turn off a...
No leaking when in park, or neutral, only when in gear. Still functions correctly, as long as fluid lasts. No associated noise
When I put it in gear it goes dead but it cranks right back up.It does this over and over.
it is loud like i hit something or broke something what could this be
I'm try to fine out y my truck want move in drive or reverse but drive n second gear and low gear.
The front calipers have two different slide pins on each wheel. one with a rubber sleeve and one with out. My question is, where does the pin with the rubber sleeve get installed on the top ( as look ate mounted on th...