2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

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My 2005 6 cal Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 200,000 miles on the clock,has been diagnosed with timing chain problems. I have been advised to replace all 4 chains. I have not seen any oil spills under the engine or on the floor nor heard any other noise apart from the timing chain rattle. The quote is + - $3000.
My 2005 6cyl Ford Explorer has developed a timing chain rattle,I have been advised to replace the 4 timing chains. The cost is greater than the value of the vehicle. I can see no leaks nor hear any unusual noises. How much longer can I drive this vehicle?
05 sport Trac 2wd passenger side control arm won't fit in the rear mount. Driver side went no problem. Need an answer asap.
My current engine has 209,000 miles. I do regular oil changes every 5,000 miles using Valvoline Maxlife (part synthetic, part regular) 5W30. I have the normal front timing change rattle at cold start, otherwise, the engine is "smooth." Given the cost of replacing the timing chains, is it better to install a remanufactured engine with warranty? I plan on keeping the vehicle. Thank you.
when starting cold, birdy screech, after 30 seconds it goes away. happens every day about a month, no other signs of problems
Replace cruise control switch. Need labor price only as I have the new switches.
I saw video online of a guy replacing cruise control switch in 2005 Explorer Sport Trac and now can't find it. He pulled the whole steering wheel off with bag inside and did it easily in 10 minutes. Now I can't find it again. It has to be 2005...nothing else. '04 is different. Help please!
stuck in 4x4 low gear and using selector switch back and forth from those gears to standard position doesn't work....light indicator still shows lowgear 4x4 engaged
when in 4 wheel drive pulls bad to the right
I have a 2005 sport trac. Just recently I noticed that when I go up a driveway, I could hear something go "clunk", and the noise was coming from the front passenger side. I finally was able to get under there to investigate the situation and I noticed part of the bushing on the upper control arm is gone and the other one is pretty cracked. My question is can I get the bushings alone or do I have to get the arm which comes with bushings and ball joint? AutoZone tried to sell me the entire control arm but I really don't need all of it. My ball joints are fine.
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