2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

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I have a 2003 ford explorer sport track with the 4.0. i paid a mechanic a lot of money to rebuild it several months ago and it has ran good till now. the engine only has 8,500 miles on it and i was driving it the other day when it suddenly went to missing. it never made any kind of noises at all. I replaced the coil, plugs and wires and its still missing on cylinders 4,5 and 6. when I took those 3 plugs out they were soaked with fuel. I performed a compression test and cylinders 4, 5 and 6 had 55, 70 and 90 pounds of compression. Cylinder 1 had 175 pounds. what could cause this?
the solid circuit is broken. How should the lights be wired.
Have already changed out the two larger blues, and replaced the fuse,...they still don't work, what else can it be?
I have had recent electrical done work under steering wheel in the where the electrical system is. For the anti theft device it kept my truck from starting randomly. It stopped but was never fixed just stopped however when it' did stop now the blinkers won't turn off automatically.
engine skips, when truck is iodle, when truck is being drive, engine light stays non also bleaks when at low speed, truck level off at high speed engine light still stays on
it does it all the time
My sport trac will start if it sits overnight. I start it up it the morning and runs fine. If I drive to a few other locations, after the last location it will not start. It tries to turn over, but will not. I have to let it sit for a while, at which it will start.
Concerned about having correct mileage on the new odometer.

Thanks in advance
has done this very little and then quit. today it happened while driving and hard to steer. came on short time and went off
This issue started about 3 aka. ago. I thought it was the brakes due to the sound no squeal just rubbing like the old drums so I did the front pads and rear shoes and hardware kit. Three yrs. ago I put rotors, calipers, ball joins, tie rods inner and outer. I put a new center link and and hardware kit in. I also toke it over the very next day and had a set of 4 BF Good Wrench all terrains $900.00 and had a four wheel alignment done the caliphers went in smooth so I don't think bad already I hook my snap on comp. up and no codes. Th
Engine light flashing and burning oil
I replace the spark plugs, a injector, I put a noid light to the injector and is firing and the spark plug wire Is firing and I run a compression test and is over 120 psi.i don't know what else to do. I need help thanks.

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