2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

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Happens when I cut the truck off eventually starts and runs great. Sounds like it's just having the gas cut off or a kill switch on the steering wheel is being engaged. Steering wheel isn't locking either, noticed that today. Once it cranks runs good.
transmission slips checked fluid level it is low I need to add some
Rpm gauge not working at all
engaged. What would be the most likely problem
My 2002 ford explorer sport trac is given only10 miles per gallon and before it was like 18.5 a mile and this hapen after a spark and cables change any ideas
i change the oil after that i dont have no oil pressur
Truck won't start when it is hot. Changed starter and is still won't start.
Everything else is working great.
gas pump stop at nine gallons-gas guage show full with about half tank
rattling sound as well but giving gas up to 1.4 rpm picks up pressure. What next??
I don't know I just bought the truck
Is it in switch or transmission or rearend ???
Changed the egr valve and egr sensor switch , plugs and wires and still won't start sometimes pressing on gas starts it but hard,
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