2013 Ford Explorer Questions

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my ford explorer says check charging system, hard to turn steering wheel, no air condition. would that be due to a broken serpentine belt.
Nothing is felt at the vents on any speed
transmission will not shift out of first gear and won't move when in reverse.
Any ideas anyone
I have change brakes calipers and pads glowed out lines there is no leaks but when I bleed them no fluid on that one caliper please help ... Thanks
The chip in the windshield was repaired by a reputable auto glass repair shop. No cracking or spider cracks were noticed in the chip area after the repair for over 2 years. 3 days ago I was rear ended by another vehicle and now the windshield is cracked out approx. 2 inches. Is this new crack a direct cause of the collision?
When I try to move from hot to cold it makes a thumping sound and if I put the blower on full blast it is extremely loud.
Sometimes it works and then sometimes it does not. Why?
I need to know what are the repairs on a tubo charger... my engine light is on and the code is po299
I need to know if turbo charger under code po299 can be done
new struts and bushings have been installed but still very load banging comeing from front
I have dual zone heating/cooling. Driver's side blows hot air, but passenger side, just cold. Car has about 105,000. What could be issue & how much labor involved to fix?
I can't find the drain plug for my 2013 Ford Explorer limited
Replaced battery and mykey feature was initiated but no mykey feature in setting to remove.
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