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2012 Ford Explorer AWD
The headlights will not go off as long as my car is running. Even if I turn them off they stay on. My highbeams will not turn off either. The only time my lights will go out is after the car has been off for 10 minutes. We have checked the fuses.
steady beeping when back up
when driving highway or local and when I bring to ford of course problem not there
Trying to take nut off the end of the strut. I clamped the end plate in a vise and turned the nut with a socket and the cylinder turns in the strut. I try to hold the cylinder with a pipe wrench but it won't grab. I was not sure I was doing it right so I stopped before I messed it up more. How do you get the nut off? The numbers on the strut are T407HFoMoCo USA,
BB53 18K001, 111031A and a very big DB
do I need to remove grill fasia/bumper to be able to remove the radiator
I recently installed a new battery in my 2012 Ford Explorer. The new battery has been in my vehicle for over a week now and the car has been running great. Well today my CHECK CHARGING SYSTEM warning light came on and I need to know what this means
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