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I have replaced the rotors and pads several times (even tried cross drilled rotors). I have now replaced all 4 calipers. At first, grinding stopped but after only 100 miles its back to making the same old grinding sounds. Any suggestions on what to try next?
In heat mode one day both vents are the same. The next day left hot, right cold, new acturator. The clicking noise was loud before installing new actuator, now it is a lite clicking sound when turn off engine and open door.
Heater blows out cold air on driverside and warm air on passenger side
I have a 2012 explorer, i have replaced the front brakes for the first time at 150,000 miles. The back brakes i have replaced 5 times now, i bought this vehicle new and have had repeated problems with this issue.
I never got informed about the power steering control module box and it was icy out and it shut down on me I lost all steering and braking didn't work from the ice ended up off of the road the both sides of my car has bumps all along the them along with a cracked windshieldnow that outs hit out my ac wound work they said it was due to damage. And want mbre to shell okie almost a grand to fix out. What should I did?
40% of the time it will come out in my garage because there is a straight entry and slight bump in
My car's power steering went out on me this morning after a warning light came on stating "Check charging system". My alternator is working fine and the car will charge when idle but all systems start to shut down after driving for a few miles. I also have a squeaking belt occasionally when it rains.
Heater makes clicking noise when started and turning off
When the ignition key is on there is a buzzing sound from the door speaker on the passenger side, even when the stereo is turned off. It comes and goes while driving. I changed to speaker and checked all visible connections, but it did not fix the problem.
There is the exact same TSB out for the explorer and I am having the exact issue that everyone is describing. I cannot replicate it to the dealer though!
The srs light is on constantly since i performed a software update.
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