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Have replaced ABS sensors on both axles on 2010 Ford Explorer. Without moving vehicle, start and step on brake , traction control light and alarm come on. Have checked everything in manual but have not found a solution. Have also tried turning off traction control but no results.
Check engine light came on. Diagnoses was fuel sensor problem.
When the a/c is turned off it stops
When I try and put them down they are always tilted up slightly which can make loaded some things a pain.
There are three differnt buttons to activate the four wheel drive, what is the difference between them?
Only happens sometimes and mostly when the door is fully opened.
2010 Explorer 4x4 pulls to the left and makes a slight grinding noise when accelerating from a stop. At about 25 mph after it shifts if I let off the accelerator for a second it will stop pulling and grinding and drive fine until I stop again then same thing all over. Please HELP!!
Air is coming out of defrost vents only? Have been told that it is not a vacuum seal and also that it is???
W have change the purge valve and the canister and we still get them same code what could it be please help me?
Recently replace the back brake pads on the car. The car and brakes ran fine until this point. Simply replaced the brakes because they were getting thin.
Once I replaced the pads,
• If the car sets for 10-15 minutes and you start moving at the first slow stop there is a rather loud growing sound from the rear. Not a break grinding or squeaking, but like a cylinder plunger type noise groaning or growing. Loud enough people next to the car can hear.
• This happens the first, maybe second time on a slow stop.
• Once that occurs it won’t occur again till the car sets for a few minutes, say 10-15 minutes.
• You can drive it all day and never hear it again slow or hard stop.
• Only that first initial slow break after it sets for a while.
I’ve pulled the tires on both sides twice. Checked all pads they appear correct. Fluid is fine.
It only started after changing the back brake pads.
Any help greatly appreciated.
I tried to start my explorer this AM and dash lit up then went blank and nothing happened. I was going to push it out of garage, but even with key in "ON" position, cannot shift out of park.
On long trip and red light with "4WD" just started on this 6 hr trip
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