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My car was parked while i was away on seems it was jumped because it didnt turn on....when i left the parking lot where my car was stored n i try turning on ac it wouldn't turn on....what is the cause on why it doesn't? Checked fuse good...wat else?
I know it must be a short or a bad wire. The air conditioner is also blowing cold air out of the passenger side by the drivers side isn't as cool. The air is warmer on the driver side. Is that caused by the same short or wire issue?
My explorer battery discharges during wet weather. The excess current flow seems to be going through fuse SJB2 and SJB3 both 50A, What does SJB stand for and what are they feeding?
the alternator charges while running but batteery discharges while parked over night.there is an electronic cycle occurring with ignition off.
how do I change from kilometers to miles on the odometer. I have tried the reset
I accidently poured a cup of coffee down my dash. My air/heat is now stuck in the defrost mode. It blows cold air into my window regardless of the position of the knob. It does blow cold air when the air temp is in the cold position and hot when in the hot position. What kind of problem do I have and what will it take to fix it?
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