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It has been a very good car mechanically but it has very low mileage because it just sits in the garage each winter while we are in Florida. We are old and retired and would not do well in a breakdown situation while on a long trip. Looking for advice on the potential for a breakdown in this situation.

Thanks, Tapo
Runs good after it shifts past 2nd
Wipers work fine - front & rear windows stopped working same time sending fluid - no hum when switch is engaged, thought fluid to be frozen (at -9f yesterday) - still no motor sound. Using -20f Super Tech Washer Fluid.
Explorder misses at 45-55 MPH and typically stops when you move beyond that range. It idles fine and is not indicating any fault codes at this time. Explorer has done this for approximately 6 months but has recently gotten worse. I'm taking it to a mechanic but would like to understand possible causes in order to be more educated.
Replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel pump relay, Fuel reset magnetic switch and fuel pump driver module. Still have problems to get the fuel pump to work when trying to start with the engine cold, I have to put the switch to ON to get the fuel pump to start working, once it starts works fine, suggestions?
shifting is harsh while driving sometimes but its also the same while reversing
ford explorer 2008 the car was running ok stopped in front of
garage entrance ,stop engine open garage door ,the started engine to drive in ,the gear shifter on auto transmission moves ,but the car stand still .
Was driving to work today and the light just came on. The car does not seem to be driving any differently or sounding like anything may be wrong.
The first time it burn out they did not use a ford part. The 2nd one the put in was a ford part. Replaced all spark plugs. Step 3 fuel cleaner but they did not replace fuel filter. Engine light came on. Broke down again.
found several miss fire codes. po-300/p0301/ po-305/po-351/
po-316. STS stated the were all corrected. Replace autolite platinum .054gap oe style 12 valves.
Thank you
The gears do go through only reverse, we cheeck the oil pump ad it is good. What governs the oil pressure in the transmission? Is there a control or something that needs to be reseted?
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