2008 Ford Explorer Questions

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ABS warning lights up and gives warning chimes of 30sec every 5 minutes.

Or can I simply just drive it for a while afterwards and it will relearn everything?

Power seat will move backwards when I hit a bump; occurs occassionally, but is very dangerous as I try to reach brake while seat is moving back. Has anyone experienced this

Ford Explore Class action lawsuit for radiator plastic to engine.

right seat

I no its a short but where should I start looking it was blowing fuses before but not as often now it is blowing as soon as I hit brake and blinker

There was no I dication of battery problem.and dash boars has only those two signals. And then dashboard and car died. And car got stuck including gear stick.i changed the battery and car is running now. But i do t know if I also have trouble with breaks?how do I find out if breaks are ok?

Car overheats and when it shuts off you hear high pressure bleed off

all lights are on on the dash

It was a very hot day and I left my car running with AC on while in the bank. Made one 10 min stop after 6 blocks - turned car off = then when I started back up it was really rough. NO power, check engine light came on [constant - not blinking] So, I let it sit with hood up for 3 hours and started it up - still light on blinks the solid again, hardly any brakes either. I am 50 miles from a ford mechanic. What should I do ?????

It has been a very good car mechanically but it has very low mileage because it just sits in the garage each winter while we are in Florida. We are old and retired and would not do well in a breakdown situation while on a long trip. Looking for advice on the potential for a breakdown in this situation.

Thanks, Tapo