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I've got a 2008 ford explorer 4.0 liter four wheel drive 217000miles and last week it got stuck in a high gear. I'm thinking 4th gear. The check engine light came on along with the wrench light when it happened. I took it to advance auto & hooked the computer up, its shows 22 problems in the transmission. What can I do???
I have same of your issue, and spent lot of money!! please help how you solve it

changed my radiator and the transmission cooling quick connects. put in 50/50 and started and left in Idle. 5 min later hoses hot temp gage is Hot. Now it has a sputter (like it wants to die) sound and engine shakes the whole suv, gray smoke coming out of exhaust with a drip when gassed. ac & heat work fine, checked thermostat, fluids, & i don't see any noticeable leaks
Not hearing nothing but just want to know where to locate the dipstick for a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer ? Have not checked it since I got my truck
my check engine light came on on my 2008 Ford Exployer and the code is P0442
when I looked up it said to replace gas cap, but mine doesn't have a gas cap
Was running fine ater I jumped it. Died this morning. Battery terminals were corroded. Cleaned them. Drove to Advance Auto and tested battery which was 3yrs old.
1-I can't go out at night cause, when turn on the front lights these are continuously intermittent, ie flashing and sometimes disappears for 1 or two seconds
2-when I stop the car, the passenger side' stop light doesn't goes off until Ipush the brake pedal two or three times, and sometimes more.
2008 V6 explorer. Truck has been in the Ford dealership for this issue several times with no solutions. Fan clutch locks up and loud fan noise while accelerating. Have researched and apparently it does this due to the computer thinks the vehicle is overheating. It will disengage after vehicle has obtained say 40mph. Thermostat and neck has been replaced. Fan clutch has been replaced. NOTHING is overheating. When fan clutch locks power is greatly affected. Any thoughts???
ABS warning lights up and gives warning chimes of 30sec every 5 minutes.
Or can I simply just drive it for a while afterwards and it will relearn everything?
Power seat will move backwards when I hit a bump; occurs occassionally, but is very dangerous as I try to reach brake while seat is moving back. Has anyone experienced this
Ford Explore Class action lawsuit for radiator plastic to engine.
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