2007 Ford Explorer Questions

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Suv won't back will go forward in drive
How long have you had this problem? Just did this morning
It just started doing this today
won't do anything so changed battery now even the lights don't work
On bumps and turns
It began 03/09/2017
Lite bulb out, how to change it?
It will not release from the key holder.
It has broke the pump 3 times every time I shift down to Max RPMs it breaks the pump or the shaft of the fan
What should be the problem?
My car Ford Explorer with a strong jerk and thick black smoke and the engine stops suddenly and WHEN i test it by obd2 there is cods p0191 & p0452 i replace fuel rial pressure sensor and nothing change, the mechanical man side PCM needs to be changed Did his talk is true because the PCM does not give 5V to sensors i forget when i do freeze frame i notice both short trim bank 1&2 = -28.9 and long trim bank 1& 2 = 0 i need your support ples My car has 76875 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
The suv in question has over 211k miles. Owed by retired military vet so pretty much highway miles. Runs perfectly (no noise, no smell, no lights on) looks perfect inside and out.

I am wondering if it will go past 300k miles if I kept up with all the maintenance.
Ford only sells the hole running board not parts so I'll have to go elsewhere for that , is it worth it ? Could be motor , could be no power getting to motor , when I bought it used the plugs were unplugged under the frame so dead give away they had a problem , it ticking under the hood too so that's a exhaust manifold issue , I'll worry about that issue first just dropped 500+ on other issues in 4 months , y do I like Ford Explorer limited's , wtf
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