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2006 Explorer sounds like a Jet Engine lately. Rev's real high more and more. Seems like a fan or something but I can't pinpoint it.
Temp gauge spikes sometimes not very often but sometimes. Also I have heard what seems to be fluid in my dashboard sloshing around.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Peter B

Dealer says they can't find anything wrong with it.

what tool do i need

My ABS, WRENCH/TOOL LIGHT ALONG WITH SLIPPERY LIGHTS COME ON AT THE SAME TIME. Been happening for about 3 weeks. I notice if I get at or above 60mi the lights come on. What could be causing my Dash to light up like this?

Already change a rear sensor.

When turning to the right I hear a thumping noise from front passenger side tire area What's the possible cause? Is it still safe to drive?

got one diagram on line already from wego2u mobile mechanic,resistor was not to be found as per diagram!!! i bought the n ew part and can not find anything with four wires on it around blower unit. i need help big time.

where is the resistor located?

iac how do i locate it and is it easy to remove

how much would it cost to re-build a transmission

I went to the dealer today for an oil change and when they screwed the oil cap back on the valve cover broke off where the cap screws on. I've never heard of this before. They have to replace the entire valve cover for $525.00. Is this some kind of Ford defect or do these things happen?

what would cause the airbag light to come one...after sitting for a bit it will not come on on the initial the light AND 5 chimes are going off

Service engine light and power train light is on.hesitates on acceleration.

Do you need to hear the noise in order for the wheel bearing to be replaced? Had my vehicle serviced for this approx 4 months ago and the noise has come back. But the noise doen't happen all the time? When I accelorate past 65 mph I hear a rumbling noise and the car pulls to the left. Was told by the dealer they can't help me until they can hear the problem!!

Hi, when i start the machine the motor has a sound maybe in the manifold exhaust, but after 1 minute the sound disappear. Is possible replace the Manifold Gasket to delete this sound????

This only happens when I turn the dial over to warm or hot air. As of now it will only blow out cold air. The rear blows hot air just fine. But only cold air up front.

my 2006 ford explorer's heater blows hot air everywhere, except the front pass. side. If i play with the pass. temp. control it will throw hot air for a short time then back to cold air.