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Both seat motors have failed this seems to be a common problem is there any type of fix (IE a newer motor will not fail again)
SRS indicator light does not light up when truck is started. Chime warning sounds 5 times in a series of 5 times every 20 seconds every 30 mins. Need to replace bulb need to know what size to buy.
Is this true? It was rebuilt 15 months ago (out of warranty of repair now). I don't want to rebuild it again if it really just needs a new solenoid pack, but the repair shop said it for sure needs a rebuild after driving it and diagnosis.
I am looking for the air coming out when the heat is on
replaced 02 sensor, which eliminated CEL, but that's about it, now it feels like transmission is jerking into gear when put in PARK or REVERSE, and jumps and hesitates between the other gears on the open road. this morning it stalled when stopped at a light. help!
I replaced the thermostat housing and a new coolant temperature sensor but I can't get the old clip back in. Is there a certain way to do it ?
Could this be as simple as a head gasket only? There is no water in the oil. What specific checks would they have had to perform to determine it is in fact the internal parts to the engine?
warning started coming on last winter so I lubed latch & it went away but would keep coming back & now it won't go ff no more so doors won't lock while driving & dome lights stay on when vehicle is off. also warning stays on on dash screen so can't see other features on screen.
Engine light came on, code came back as bank 2 sensor 2 running lean? where is this under my truck, passenger or driver side? it's downstream. now my truck feels like it's jerking between gears at times, and idling rough. is this all related? will replacing sensor fix the problem?
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