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It started every day until today. I moved battery cable around. Then a clicking in drivers well whell began around fuse area.
A code 302 shows up, spark plugs are good and mechanic can not find anything wrong
Not charging my phone from cigarette lighter part it was working think the fuse us blown
Under 50MPH and local driving, can barely hear any odd noise. But once on the highway, you can hear humming, and slight vibration from front end. I can't tell if its the fan or the wheels or what. It's gotten more pronounced, but I drove about 80 miles on the highway a couple weeks back - other than the noise, truck drives fine, trans feels ok, engine ok. What is this noise?
after turning key a couple of times it will finally start but it is like battery is dead but I do not think the battery is charging. Usually you can hear the alternator kicking in but I hear nothing. also shows picture of person in seat and the round symbol above which I think is the seat but never goes off
What seems to make the problem better or worse? all the time when starting
How long have you had this problem? was not started for two weeks and started this week
drive along overheats and when it is shut off cools down in a matter of minutes. Might not do it again for month.
When unlocking with remote or turning key on, hear repetitive series of clicks in dash area and then quits. Now I have a new clicking noise, just like a clock, when the heat/air is on and there is no heat. Can turn temp control all the way to "cool" and it stops, but starts again as you turn it towards "warm". No heat at all.
The brakes are having to be pressed hard and feel spongy. Has to be pressed nearly to the floor. Took to Big O and they did a Brake Fluid Exchange. Brake Fluid Flush Service included Kit and brake fluid. Now there is a leak around the (right side mainly) of the shifter. Looks clear similar to white or clear oil. Breaks still have to be pressed hard. Big O says brakes are fine but they are not. Should not have to press on the brakes this way. Please help
Is there a fuse or module to check?
Hard shifting seems to run in limp mode. Shop said tranny bad just from codes. This true or could be solenoid pack?
In reverse gear, "check park aid" message appears.
I change the transmission fluid and still having the same problem but when I press the gas lightly then it goes in reverse what could it be I hope it's not serious
has happened mostly when vehicle has been drive for 20 minor more
It is locking up and won't drive. It has a grinding noise and the right front tire locks sometimes. I've changed the front drive axles, rotors, and hubs on both sides. Break pads are all in good shape. In the beginning when this was happening I powered through it there was some grinding and a pop noise but it took off and I've been able to drive it till now. That's been a few months. It will drive but only in idle speed.
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