2004 Ford Explorer Questions

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Broke a screw off when trying to take off the harmonic balance
problem occurs constantly auto has only 62,000 miles
Head lights@night dims to nothing.
PowerWindows slows to nothing.
Driving power slows dwn till stops.
Still drains battery,,??? Thku
I'm Hearing a loud whining noise as well as a vibrating from the rear when I'm doing 55 mph and above
How long have you had this problem? the whining about almost a year the vibrating for a few years
Never activated alarm system but factory light stays on when car shuts off and it is draining my battery. Can that be deactivated?
It sounds like the actuater clicling but mine is clicking from far rear driver side panel where unlock button is... Please help only clicks when car is running.
The large bumper is less than double the rubber of the small one.
Replaced fuel filter. Replaced fuel pressure sensor to clear code. Only code now is p0463 for fuel gage sensor in tank. Gage hasn't worked in a few years and never had this problem before. Shutter \ stalling happens between 45-60 mph.
I have looked on line and have been lied to by 2 Ford dealership(they don't have info). And charge $400 for job
I'm on limited income. This is a safety issue. I have inch and pound torque wrenches, just need a number. If I break glass it's over $800 to replace.
Was driving n cut off battery light came on first I jump start it n it crank but as soon I take jumper cables off car cut off. First time it ever did this
I have a 2004 ford explore the oil light came on and it stared tapping so I shut it off and had the oil pump changed now it cranks doesn't want to start
Daytime running lights have quit working. Would it be a module? Where is it located?
Does it in all types of weather doesn't matter what the temperature is
When at stop sign or stop light there is a dragging or rubbing sound that seems to be coming from the rear end
Noise when driving ???
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