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if the timing chain or the tentioner was bad the chain would rattle all the time why only when the engine warms up

apparently my timing chain has broken and estimated 20 hoiurs in labour to remove the engine to fix the small and easy part. alternative another engine. you would think this would be cheaper since there would be no replacing of parts?

My wife is driving to work and says her car is making alot of noise, she said oil pressure light and battery light came on then a green clock ?

I can fill gas into my gas tank

When I run the defrost and/heater there is no hot air coming out. If I sit idol the thermostats (idiot light climbs to hot) quickly. Neither defrost or heater worked this morning.

My heater will blow cold air on any temp setting. But when it is set to hot, it makes a clicking noise and wont blow hot.
it does this every time I turn it on.

250000 plus miles

I need a repair estimate or should I just sell it? The chains are not broken but rattling.

I first notice the leak after my air conditioning began to blow hot air. I checked the coolant tank to find it empty. I refilled it and it was okay for a short while. Now the coolant is leaking out over the right front tire.

Just recharged ac since it has been blowing hot air. The passenger side is showing huge improvement. The driver side on the other hand isn't. It's not blowing hot air anymore, but the temperature barely counts as cold. Thanks for any suggestions.