2003 Ford Explorer Questions

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the seal was leaking
I have an 03 explorer XLS FWD does it have a sealed transmission so that your not able to check the fluid level?If not where is the fill tube located?
clicking noise comes on whne the temp control switch is turned to a warmer setting. The warm air vent does not seem to open. Cold air only.
Recharge of ac system didn't solve the problem.
clicking sound when turn heat on sounds like comming from dash (around radio)no heat
When driving the locks will automatically unlock and warning comes on letting me know a door is open. I get out of the truck open and close all doors but problem still persist
2003 Ford Explorer and I have no power to my seats. What fuse/fuses should be changed...thanks
It started with the engine overheating. I took it to several shops and a ford dealer and they could not diagnose the engine. The overheating subsided after burping/removing air in the cooling system. Finally, I found a shop that took a thorough look at my car found that the right side timing belt guide had cracked at where it was bolted into the engine. The tensioner was worn out and the belt had stretched. The heat cause by this problem required also a major valve repairs. This occurred at around 120,000 miles. I was told by my mechanic that the engine did not show any signs of distress except of the temperature spiking up after driving a few miles.
When going from park to reverse to drive, frequently there is a hesitation in the gear shifting from reverse to drive. The drive gear does not immediately respond to the accelarator being pushed on. Once it does respond to the gas pedal, the truck jerks, as if it was stuck in drive then thought about it. This is also noticed when coming to a sudden stop or just applying the brake to slow down aggressively.
When I got my truck a year ago this warning light was on. I asked the dealership what it meant and was told that it was nothing and not to worry about it unless it was causing trouble. I recently took my car to the same dealership for state inspection and was told that it would not pass inspection with the light on. I have paper work from them stating the light was on but they are telling me that I had 30 days to bring it back to get it fixed even though I was told not to worry about it in the first place. What should I do now? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
180,000 miles. Noise comes and goes. STP oil treatment clears it up but it comes back. Just changed oil (Mobil 1)
Click still there!!
engine light cam on lastnight. we are due for oil change actually past due. could that be the problem ?
how much do you have to torque the hub assembly bolts on 2003 ford exlorer on the front
Start up the vehicle then press the accelerator and the rpms rev up however the car does not speed up. After I take my foot off the accelerator and rpms go down then I try again and it finally starts picking up speed. This also happens when I slow down to turn and then try to speed up and after stopping.
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