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i have had all the sensors replaced and the service engine light is still on.. i was told there is an electrical short..
The radiator is shot and needs replacing


My 2003 explorer, 4 wd, 6 cyl, stalled and will not crank at all. The battery seems to have power. The headlights, cluster lights and radio come on. When i try and start it...nothing. the mileage lights go out. No clicking...just nothing. I tried to clean and tighten the battery cables. Even tried to replace the ground cable. Any advice?

Looking to buy used. Owner says engine solid but transmission skips in higher gear range. Is that a maintenance service or a bad tranny about to die?

When I go to take off, the rpms go to the 3000 and If I take my foot off accelerator it'll kick into 2nd gear, the other gears change normal. And when the cars warmed up, the o/d off light comes on and message saying "check transmission!" Would that trigger my check engine light to come on? The code that came up is p0775. We changed transmission filter and fluid but that didn't make it better. Whats the next step that I can do without taking it to shop! Can't afford to take it to shop , any suggestions would help. Thank you

Jumped time

It fell off

what is the cost to repair all the timing belts in vehicle?

no power to radio

Then try to restart but won't start up had fuel pump replace filter and flush the fuel lines. But still won't fire up

I was pulling out of my drive way this morning and started down the road. When my car jerked and shut off. All lights come on. So I the switch off and tried to crank it. All the lights come on on the dash but will not crank. Does not even make a sound when trying to crank it.

It has a tapping or rattling sound when i start it up. I have replaced the lifters. The rocker arms are not loose. Im teying to see if the push rods are bad.

The temp gauge for the oil stays in the middle for the most part, good I know but past few days I start hearing a whistling sound it goes up to hot the check guage light sometimes comes on at that point then I hear a gurgling sound and it goes back down.

it will stay smooth at hywy speeds then when u come into slower speeds 50% of the time it will start this jerking feel .if its doing it at 20-30 ill engage 4x4 it stops.until i disengage it .also has a clunk when ill make a left turn at times dont know if they could be related or not.

starts on first crank