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I got a 2003 explorer driver seat from junkyard. Mine is leather with heat. This is cloth. No heat. I dont care about the heat i just need to change motors so it goes back and forth.
Have a2003 Ford Explorer with auto lamps and daytime running when the light switch is on the off position or on auto lights start flickering when I turn the switch to the on position light works fine no flickering. Any idea was rod it could be DRL
Ive looked all up and down the fuel rail around my intake.. I just can't seem to find it, if it even has one?
I just bought a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT, 4.0L engine, 136,000 miles. Vehicle won’t go over 30mph and ABS light is on. Is this a tranny issue or brake system partially locked? Getting it looked at next week. Please any ideas might help.
I already replaced thermostat and radiator my 03 ford explorer starts to over heat when the a.c. is on why
Hi. I have a 2003 ford explorer limited edition. I was driving it a couple weeks ago when the "service engine soon", the battery light and the "hi temp low oil" lights went on. The truck turned off. I gave it a min and turned it on. Turned on like normal. I checked enigine oil and transmisson oil. Both are at the level they should .. did it me again today.... same thing. But now on the message board it say "check charging system" and "low oil pressure". I dont want to takeit to ford they are so expensive. I took it to a local mechanic they cant find whats wrong with it. Help.
No radio dome lights heater or gauges
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 4 wheel drive and I'm trying to figure out why my drivers seat fuse keeps blowing I put one in it in the morning drive the truck all day and it works shut it off go to bed get up next morning and see is blown again
Lamp outage module is located where?
Waiting for light car Dudley takes off with your foot on brake
2003 ford explorer V8 4.6L
I recently changed the thermostat housing in my car after discovering that there was a crack in the housing. My car is now over heating and leaking coolant from some where underneath the car. Can someone tell me why.
On Startup and when idling
the lights turn on , but truck wont start
I can put it in drive and in reverse and it will move but then it stops... After a good 4 to 5 mins I can turn it on again and it will start moving again.... What could this be?
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