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The washer pump on my 2002 Explorer doesn't work. I have replaced the motor and the switch. Where is the fuse and/or relay located?
I put a new oil pump. Spark plugs, crank and cam sensor and oil pressure sensor. Still won't start.
just replaced heads and timing components. starts good, runs down the rd good. idols low and rough. tries to die at idol sometimes
When it's cold, transmission slips and there is no dipstick to check it.
Door was left ajar during rain. Since then having problems with starting vehicle. Dash goes absolutely crazy. Gauges flipping back and forth, not starting. Then when it sits for awhile it might start and then again it might not. At any given time this happens.
I have a 2002
Ford Explorer sport trac 4.0l
While driving home the check engine light started flashing and felt the truck acting sluggish, then it shut off in the middle of a hill (going up).
I tried to restart and it was unsuccessful. Pulled a P0301 for a #1cylinder miss fire. Only code in system. Cranks over, has spark - no start
I am checking the fuel pressure. With the key on engine off the pressures goes up to 80 psi and in a second it looses all pressure. My question is the pressure shouldn't drop that fast should it?
When light switch is turned on no light will come on.
the 4x4 high light comes on flashes 3 to 8 times also. I have flushed the transfer case and rear end and trany. replaced all new fluid and grease.
My 2002 Ford Explorer won't go in Park. I have to turn the car off to get it to stop. Only goes in reverse. The gear shift is on the steering wheel. This happens every time I crank it up
Today, 3 weeks later Oil pressure gauge is at zero, and message center says "low oil pressure". Car seems to be running fine.
Crank. It does not have milky oil and it has oil in it and also has water in the radiator and the roads War the battery is fine and so is the starter so what could be the problem please help
reverse is ok wont go forward in drive the motor stopped running
4wd high is stuck can go into 4 low and back to high but not 2wd module clicks when going into low and from low back to high but not when going into 2 wd lights all work right any ideas if it's the module or shift motor on the transfer case
message center keeps alerting to check it
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