2002 Ford Explorer Questions

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When I lock my vehicle, manually or with the FOB, My car alarm will go off.
When driving down the road my door ajar light comes on, and it is constatntly beeping. All the doors are shut tight.
I recently purchased my 2002 Ford Explorer Limited and my left high beam will not turn on. So I purchased new bulbs and the left high beam still will not turn on. Then I checked the blue 20amp Bussman female maxi fuse at F1 19 via the see thru plastic cap and the fuse is fine. So I pulled the fuse, checked the 2 flat contact points in the fuse box with my circuit tester with the engine on and grounded to my battery. Only one contact point made my tester light up. How do I fix this problem and did I test it correctly
I was told it has blown head gasket, but second opinion mechanic said hoses are loose or torn.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? driving it
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
My wife's 2004 Ford Explorer is overheating. After her truck has been running for 10-15 minutes, You can see steam that smells like anti-freeze coming from the black plastic intake manifold area at the top of the engine. Does that entire black piece have to be replaced and how much đoes it cost?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Turn the truck off and allowing the engine to cool down...the problem gets better
How long have you had this problem? Two days
Was taking the air intake off and realized 2 bolts were stripped. I'm having trouble getting to them so it seems like it's impossible to work on and getting them out. What's the best solution for this. Desperately needing help.
Wire looked to be attached to the engine block. Located under air intake and beside the fuel injection. Trying to identify this wire. It was burned to a crisp and 02 explorer will not crank but lights and dashboard lights work when I turn the key on.
Was driving when I gave it gas it would make a low clicking like noise then it shut off and wouldn't crank. Smoke was coming from the wire under fuel injection. Any idea what the wire is and how to replace it. Please help!
Explorer has been running hot in the past few weeks maybe twice in a 3 month period.
I was told that the vent for the gas tank might be the cause of slow filling.
How to check the vent for the gas tank
Followed directions o program new remote without results.
It shuts off continuly.
When I step on the gas it fires right up
with what force must a car ram into a stopped ford explorer to break its rear bumper
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