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i have changed many thngs in the engine but cant see the fault yet any idea wat causes this problem as soon as the engine reaches half the temperaure on the dash board the engine missfire i have to switch off the egine start again specially if am going high hill
Just started. Mileage 94K.
heard rubbing/metallic clank and grinding while driving down the road - than shaking and hard to handle or steer than ABS lite comes on and no brakes - hard to control. now brake pedal goes to floor - what is the issue? and avergae cost to fix?
trying to find on motor,is it near oil filter or on top?
Car has been doing this for a while. May take 2 or 3 starts to get going. Then it is fine while driving and can be fine the next couple of times I try starting it.
2001 ford explorer runs but will not idle on its own
why do I hear a whistling sound after replaceing the right cv shaft on my ford explorer 2001
no spark... just died heading to there and where would the rely be located for the pcm??...the only code pulled was for the coil pack, there are 4 on each ... would it be normal for both to go bad at same time??
when 2001 ford explorer is idle ac doesn't blow cold air but it does get cold when driving or reeved up..........why does it do that?
changed spark plugs on 2001 ford explorer and now hear clicking sound
How do i take the belt off to replace alternator
got almost 170k on my transmission have not had anything done to it and i have had it 3 years now what should i expect might go wrong in the next few thousand miles if anything i bought it having 132k
Why does it beep when I start the engine. It beeps like five times in a row.
Wipers,Interior Lights, Speed Gauge,Window Deforester, Door Open Alarm,Washer Pump, they all quit working at the same time. How do we fix all these? I checked all the fuses, relays, wiper motor and pump motor, all switches are ok.
I saw oil in my carport when I came home after a 2 hour trip....
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