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It still did not work. Checked all fuses and relays and were good.What could the problem?

When I accidentally lock my key up in the truck, How do I find the code to open the door?

Bought the ford explorer 2001 used , runs fine , after a few days got in car turned key , nothing happened . Jumped across the solenoid and it starts and runs fine . Still can't start it with the key.

I just bought my SUV at the beginning of January 2016 its now the 4th of Feb. One week after purchase driving back & forth to work I have noticed a raddling noise when I crank up & drive. It shakes often when driving, but if i loosen off gas then push down on gas pedal its will go away for a few seconds maybe a minute or so. Also sometimes the car skips on its own. Like the SUV is accelerating on its own. I do know car needs top & bottom ball joints on left side (driver side of door) and a oil change. I don't believe ball joints is the problem under the hood. Help me please understand what's going on with my family (ONLY) transportation.

Can the hood shocks be repaired or do they have to be replaced?

My altenater is fine what could be wrong?

My heater does not blow out any hot air when its on the first three notches but works on the maximum setting. The only problem is when it is turned on the whole car is vibrating. i opened the hood and i think it is the vacuum but i am not sure.

Was driving normal then smelled a burning smell got out under the hood was full of smoke where the battery cables and battery connect was smoking then as well as the back of the engine. Cut my explore back on and it was making an awful noise drove it the noise calmed down i smell burnt rubber the whole time driving home now i did trh to start it once i got home an cooled off i turned the key over it started but the noise was louder then i took my key out and the noise continues... Its loud by my wheels.. Please help me pin point about whats going on if heard of before