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while we are driving and going around a turn and even at slow speeds it does it what would cause this it's a 2000 Ford explorer xls 4x4 4.0
Something tangled the brake line we replaced it blead brakes and the still going to the floor
What are the front & rear suspension torque specifications on a 2000 ford explorer 2wd with torsion bars??
Truck not going into gear or park
What’s the cost to repair a shift tube on a 2000 Ford Explorer
When my car is locked and I try to get into it the alarm won't sound as a theft , but it goes off from the remote. What do I need to do to make the alarm sound if someone was trying to break in?
It's not starting at all when i try starting it the dash lights come on but the key wont turn over
Today while driving the overdrive light started flashing pushed button to turn it off and nothing happened just kept flashing. After shutting car off it was fine turned overdrive off going down the hill and light started flashing again when turned back on.
I have a 2000 explorer sport. I have been having problems engaging into drive. Tonight I could not get to engage into drive at all. Have reverse no problems. What could be wrong? The transfer case or the transmission
Just blinks on and off it started couple days ago
what kinds of a tool/tools r needed 2 replace a fuel filter????
I have 2000 explorer with (after research im guessing is a 5r55e trans) about a week ago drive and reverse went with the motor revving high and you would move in reverse slowly with high revs but had enough to back up my inclined driveway. 1 & 2 worked perfectly fine for takeoff and turning on the o/d off button I was able to shift into drive once going...I could even turn o/d back on once I got to about 55 and it would drive fine. That worked for about 5 days and then while driving all gears went away and now nothing. I've searched and searched but cant find a clear answer as to what it may be (and I know its hard to diagnose over the net) but it seems like a very common issue with not alot of posted solutions. I assumed it was an internal tranny issue and started the process to remove it tonight and got to the transfer case being ready to drop out. First I dropped the trans pan and the oil was burnt (my fault) but there was not one metal shaving in there, only black material on perhaps the magnet which I took to be normal wearing clutch material? Tested resistance on all solenoids and all shift solenoids as well as EPC and TCC were within spec. Obviously I dont have the trans out yet but I am just asking for any and all thoughts and direction someone can provide as possible issues. I didnt know if it were possible that some internal gear could have broken but I would think I would see some metal and aside from the input shaft being snapped how could I lose all gears. I am no tranny expert so thanks in advance for any help.
Checked the oil, didn't register. Added a couple od quarts, didn't register. Added another, didn't register. added up to 5 quarts, still didn't register. The oil pressure guage showed pressure at mid range before adding any oil and after adding 5 quarts. Ran fine and didn't smoke after adding the quarts. Can't figure out how much oil I have or how to get it to read on the stick. 2000 Ford Explorer Limited, 130,000 miles
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it over the weekend.
The car had a new battery put in two weeks ago due to starting issues. But it now randomly won't start and a buzzing sound comes from almost like the dashboard. Youtube suggests an electrical relay issue. Any input would be very welcome. This is for a college student away and dealing with her first mechanical issue.
How long have you had this problem? Two days
My cruise stopped working
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Na
How long have you had this problem? Week
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