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Checked the oil, didn't register. Added a couple od quarts, didn't register. Added another, didn't register. added up to 5 quarts, still didn't register. The oil pressure guage showed pressure at mid range before adding any oil and after adding 5 quarts. Ran fine and didn't smoke after adding the quarts. Can't figure out how much oil I have or how to get it to read on the stick. 2000 Ford Explorer Limited, 130,000 miles
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it over the weekend.
The car had a new battery put in two weeks ago due to starting issues. But it now randomly won't start and a buzzing sound comes from almost like the dashboard. Youtube suggests an electrical relay issue. Any input would be very welcome. This is for a college student away and dealing with her first mechanical issue.
How long have you had this problem? Two days
My cruise stopped working
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Na
How long have you had this problem? Week
Wipers not working and every time I place a new fuse it works for a second then it burns out
Fuse pops about every 10 miles, no off soumds it just pops. Looked for shorts and theres no loose wires or anything
Just changed the hose the thermostat housing the thermostat the belt and put new coolant in... Still didn't help... Could it be the waterpump????
But when it goes n drive it changes good and it don't slip what could itb
I used an air compressor to clean the dirt and debris from the engine now my truck makes a loud clicking/banging noise underneath the truck in the rear by the exhaust.
drivers controls are not working nor each door controls work on any doors so windows can go down or up.
So I recently got towed..he asked if it was AWD..I specifically told him it was..he put it on dolly with 2 front tires lifted..we drove a few miles and heard loud noise and I turned around and it was smoking..I guess from my bck tires? He then got out and put my my truck on 4 wheels lifted. I thought nothing of it even though but one day my od light kept blinking entire stopped next day..then I notice I can't drive over 55mph on freeway without shaking. Now it can't drive on freeway at all ..when I drove 40mph on freeway it kept going from side to side..I can't drive past 25- 30mph now..I just parked it in driveway before it gets any worse..I tried to take to shop..spent over $700 in total had tie rods replacement but car still the same. Could that tow damaged my rear end ? I don't know what's exactly wrong with my truck.
Took oil pan off there where plastic pieces in the pan no metal. the pieces are cloging the feed my question are these the cam guides they talk about and if so is it worth fixing and do I need to replace them and how
how many hours does it call for
Overdrive is not working at 60 mph in doing 3000rpms overdrive button light turns on off but will not shift into od reason it got low on fluid I've change the wiring inside and the input sensor inside trany, replaced converter, trany was rebuit 6months ago cant afford to rebuild it again is there some advise that might help me thank codes are shown
Tried 3 different oil filter wrenchs with no results then tried the screwdriver thing with no results. please help
fuel pump will not prime when vehicle is at normal operating temperature . Primes fine when vehicle is cold Checked fuse and swapped relay. Verified problem with pressure test gauge
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