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Occurs Everytime u reach that speed. Replaced stabilizers, new tires and rims.
It started after I changed the plugs and wires. Now it idles very rough and seems to lose power going up hill. Going up hills the check engine light flashes. I have to take my foot off the gas pedal in order for the light to stop flashing. Lately the light has been flashing more frequently and is taking longer than normal to stop. Also I have a coolant leak on the right side under the bumper. Had a diagnostic check and it said it was a vacuum leak. Could this be true? How can I fix the problem myself? Do I need to take my Explorer to a mechanic?
Reverse will not engage but drives forward great
In the USA there was a recall on this GEM for a "lock up" condition, where the wipers/windows/interior lights and 4x4 functions would become, at the same time intermittent.
The recall says Ford would fit a resistor in the GEM.
This recall never occurred in the UK. I recently had this problem. Currently I have resolved fitting another GEM from a scrapped 1999 Explorer. However, being an electronics engineer I would like to fix the original.

I guess as the problem seems to be caused by "cold and damp conditions" then Fords GEM designers left off a pull up or pull down resistor in the digital circuitry on an unused "node". But that damp high humidity conditions cause the node to change state due to very small current leaks. A resistor would of course overcome this issue by holding the node in the correct state. The GEM has no identifiable ICs, all just Ford numbers, can anyone tell me where which pins/track on the PCB the resistor is fitted and its value.


i was told there was one it said it was in the front passenger side but all there is a rod and i dont have an owners manual
Hi I am troubleshooting an ABS issue on a 1999 Ford Explorer 4.0 OHV 2 wheel drive. ABS light is on. I did a live data feed of the wheel speed sensors and they weren't remaining consistent with each other, the front two would match then it would change and the driver and rear axle would match and so on. No one has been able to give me an answer so far, not even Ford.
Soundslike something is hittng my feet on the passenger side of vehicle
moves about 2' in reverse then stops the engine will rev up but no movement. Forward gears work fine.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? problem is the same hot or cold
I turn the key and get the regular alarm sounds but when I turn the key to ignition all I get is a click. the engine does not crank. what could it be . I replaced the battery with a brand new one so I know it has plenty of juice. could it be a fuse or sensor?
I am working on a 1999 Ford Exploder with a charging problem. The alternator is good, the battery is good, the light comes on, the fuses are all good. I wonder if someone can tell me what the resistance is across the voltmeter on the dash. The only other thong in the circuit is the wire that goes to the PCM. Does the PCM have anything to do with the charging system?? Thank you in advance.
Trying to determine if it needs a new fuel pump or a fuel relay what is the best way to go about diagnosing that
ive checked all fuses and changed the module out still nothing
I have put in a new fuel pump fuel filter fuel line starter new spark plugs new wires new ignition coil and my truck will not start what else can it be
could it be the lock actuator
Its been going on for about a month now but when I just let my truck run it starts to make that high pitched whistling sound and especially when its hot it makes that sound. Can you help?
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