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How can I fix the problem? Local shops keeps trying things that cost money but do not fix the problem! First, dropped pan, changed dirty trans fluid. Then cut exhaust pipe put in used trans 80k fewer miles they say. Took to another shop. 02 sensor (sensor 1 bank 2) replaced. New plugs and wires and catalytic convertor. Check engine light and o/d still come on! Are they just sucking money? Help!!!
My 98 ford explorer will only blow cold air conditioning when the radiator is low on antifreeze. I only know this because the radiator seal was broken and it constantly leaked, when it was full the air blew hot and when it was low the air blew cold. We had the radiator replaced today and it's blowing hot again. The condenser and compressor are only 2 years old and gauge says it's full of coolant.... what could this be?
There's no blockages between the overflow and radiator. Can't find were it's leaking from.
i have an ford explorer can you inter exchcange k for e transmission
Blower works on air, but no cool air. Everything else works.
Running rough fuel or ox sensors are bad
I have got to exit my Ford Explorer through the window
if the coil packs are bad......, will it cause the engine to turn over slow
problem occurrs whilie driving
Would like to have a rebuilt engine put in my vehicle.
When the problem occurs is at first startup at my house and every day of the week
squeeking from right front
on low speed turns on bumps in the road
squeeking on bumps and hard turning at low speed sound coming from left front
the dome light, windows, and wipers work at times and do not work at times.
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