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When I crank up from cold start the a/c works fine for about 10 minutes then it blows hot and sometimes when it’s left alone it blows cold again and sometime it might stay running for a couple hours and never get cold but usually when I get the Rpms over 3k it starts to cool again what could this be
As soon as the engine gets warm, it shoots all the water and antifreeze out the back of the engine near the firewall where the engine goes into the cabin/cockpit. It smells like it is overheating but it is just the liquid hitting the heated engine. It hisses and steams comes from engine and in all appearance resembles overheating. I opened the hood and noticed the steam was from the back of the engine and the radiator not too hot nor did the lid leak.

The temp gauge shows cold and the water gauge is high and the heater does not blow hot. I was driving along when the heater stopped working and the temp dropped. After nursing it home, I checked water, it was ok but I topped it off. I started it later to warm it up and by the time it was warm, the steam came billowing out of the hood where I opened it up to find the problem.

I live in a remote town and mechanics are hard to find, an answer from you would let me know if it were worth towing to another town for repair.
Thank you

I took it to the dealer and they said it needed a new rear differential. They replaced it, and while driving in town at low speeds it did find. As soon as I got up to speed on the highway the OD light started flashing again.

I also have a really bad shake in the steering. They said I need all new ball joints and new rack and pinion
Okay so this is the issue. The car starts up barely. There is a loud knocking at the top of the motor the knocking almost sounds like there is no oil(theres plenty) or possibly a chain tensioner issue? While the car is in park it idles fine. When switching to any other gear it will almost always stall in between switching gears unless I give it gas while doing so. It will stall at red lights ect. Unless I switch it to neutral and give it gas. I feel like im milking a dead horse here. Does anyone know what the issue could be indefinitely?
It worked fine that mornin and then suddenly didn't have reverse. All other gears works and I've been looking on the net and seems nobody knows anything there guessing
How can I fix the problem? Local shops keeps trying things that cost money but do not fix the problem! First, dropped pan, changed dirty trans fluid. Then cut exhaust pipe put in used trans 80k fewer miles they say. Took to another shop. 02 sensor (sensor 1 bank 2) replaced. New plugs and wires and catalytic convertor. Check engine light and o/d still come on! Are they just sucking money? Help!!!
My 98 ford explorer will only blow cold air conditioning when the radiator is low on antifreeze. I only know this because the radiator seal was broken and it constantly leaked, when it was full the air blew hot and when it was low the air blew cold. We had the radiator replaced today and it's blowing hot again. The condenser and compressor are only 2 years old and gauge says it's full of coolant.... what could this be?
There's no blockages between the overflow and radiator. Can't find were it's leaking from.
i have an ford explorer can you inter exchcange k for e transmission
Blower works on air, but no cool air. Everything else works.
Running rough fuel or ox sensors are bad
I have got to exit my Ford Explorer through the window
if the coil packs are bad......, will it cause the engine to turn over slow
problem occurrs whilie driving
Would like to have a rebuilt engine put in my vehicle.
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