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The manual shows 7.8 quarts but that seems too small of an amount. I'm doing a flush and after flushing with distilled water I need to know how much concentrated coolant to add to get the mixture to 50/50.
97 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 sohc. Blend door seems to operate fine but only cold air blows, unless you rev motor. So, heat is there at highway speed, but you freeze at red lights, driving around town.

I suspect a weak water pump or plugged core (maybe both). Any other ideas? Thanks!
I put a new clutch in my Ford Explorer and the only way you're going to hear is if the car is turned off
The blinkers on my 97 explorer will not engage!
How long have you had this problem? Don't know
It stopped working all the sudden. First I replace my radiator and pump. Which they gave me a radiator for an automatic. I have a stick. By had it installed anyway. My A/C worked great but my heater never got very hot just warm. Then my A/C just stopped working about a 6 months after. Then my blower stopped blowing. I turn the knob to high I hoy air but it only works if I am driving more than 25 mph. I can shut it off so it won't blow at all. And when I turn it off it sounds like a suction cup door is closing. I checked fuse box under steering wheel. I read things to check but I'm a little hesitant since I need a video or help to do it. I am a single female, I can not afford to go to a mechanic. I can barely keep my gas filled. Please some one help me. Where I live the whether has been from 99 up to 110 degrees. It hotter in my explore. Plus it feels like heat is coming out of the floors too.
Took off all the covers, two, put light bulb in pushed switch, and even turned on vehicle but it didn't turn on.
Monitors always take over a month to clear
car showing a po320 code cr is sputtering especially on take off or up hill i have been told the coil pack is probably bad its a 4.0 sohc engine
my 4 wheel drive automatic ford explorer's transmission went out when son tried to smoke the tires on senior day. Got another transmission and installed it. It ran ok for six miles, and now it quit and car will not go into any gear. gear shift works, but car will not go into any gear and will not move at all. motor runs fine. Please help me. What could cause this.
Sounds like it's miss firing
has a rack, no sunroof, leaks over steering wheel, front passenger seat, inside seatbelt compartments, & somewhere in back of rear seat
I can't remember but I think it only happens when I turn right, it's a solid buzzing and usually I just click the lever off and then back on and it works, when it's buzzing I believe the signal is on solid and not blinking, at least it looks that way on the dash indicator, thought about just finding and replacing the relay, if there is one, and see if it fixes issue
Every time I get my car up to a speed between 60 mph and 70 mph it like "jumps" and seems like all messed up. The cruise control button on the steering wheel is broken off and it seems like maybe it is stuck pushed down.
I have used the OBD so many times and tuned up my car and everything. The code it keeps reading is "misfire" but changes the number it is misfiring. I am so out of ideas.
O/D was working, after it stopped engaging noticed the squeaking noise. If fluid is low where would it go? Is it something I can do myself or have a mechanic do?
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