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I checked my check engine light the code reads. po171 generic system too lean bank 1. My view freeze frame reads Dtcfrzf po171 , Fuelsys1 CL , Fuelsys2 N/A , Load_pct (%) 25.9 Since Dtcs cleared 1/3 reads mil status on, misfire monitor ok, Fuel system mon ok, comp.component ok. i need help please!
My transmission is blowing tranny fluid out of the top of the transmission , I located where it is coming out from and there is a small round button or cap about 1/2 in in diameter and about 5/8 in high and seems to be spring tensioned . Is this some kind of valve or pressure release ?
On when my 1996 ford explorer when moving at idle speed or less it is next to impossible to turn the wheels when trying to park. It runs great when on the road with no steering problems. The car has a new power steering pump. When the car is raised on a jack the wheels turn fine.
When engine is turned off, the dome light stays on for a long period of time, also, the dome light stays on while driving. Where is the dome light switch for a 1996 Ford explorer?
Driving less than 15
The last section of the tail pipe ia missing and we have. A 94 just sitting here. Can i use the tailpipe from the 9r
Put oil in gage light don't flutter no more but comes on for minute now driver side windshield wiper don't work there a short in plug leading to battery
I have replaced motor and fuses
cant get my horn to work. can you help please. ty,
trying to find a used tranny
it will only drive will not go in reverse just stays in drive
All of a sudden, none of the windows will work! I checked the fuses, (good) and the relay under the dash, (when the key is turned, you can see it clicking).
Now, the idle is not normal & she sometimes dies when stopped. Also, it seems to be getting more difficult to get it started again after turning off. The temperature is normal & the check engine light is not on, but I think the RPM's are a little higher than normal, even at cruising speed.
it starts and idles for couple seconds then bogs down. Giving any gas causes it to cut off. I've changed the EGR valve, spark plugs, idle air control, checked fuel pressure, cleaned MAF sensor.
Truck starts fine. After start, you can feel truck hiccuping slightly. When accelerating from abt 10-20 mph, truck revs rpm up to 3 and doesn't come down. Can't really accelerate past 30-40mph. When turning left or right with steering wheel, car hiccups and jumps and slows down and will eventually cut off.
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